Realme 6 Pro: Price, Release Date, Specifications, and in 2020.

Realme 6 Pro: Price, Release Date, Specifications, and in 2020.

Realme 6 Pro: Price, Release Date, Specifications, and in 2020.

Realme 6 Pro: Price, Release Date, Specifications, and in 2020.

Today on the test is realme 6 Pro, the flagship of the updated line of smartphones of a young but proud company from the Middle Kingdom, which recently turned two years old. The index of the device unequivocally hints that it has replaced the realme 5 Pro, while there is a certain evolution in hardware components, and a bright, distinctive design is also used. Not to say that these features bring something new to the market, but in their price segment they will become one of the defining moments.

  Qualcomm 7xx series processors with the letter G are firmly associated with top solutions in the middle segment, or, as it is increasingly called, "middle +". Devices such as the realme 6 Pro are further blurring its already fuzzy boundaries, offering for relatively little money a number of interesting features that are more common in more expensive smartphones. In this article, we will give you a quick review regarding the Realme 6 Pro.

Realme 6 Pro: Price, Release Date, Specifications, and in 2020.

  Design & Display.

  The front of the realme 6 Pro differs from many smartphones on the market by the presence of a double cutout in the screen for the front cameras. We will talk about it separately, but for now, we will continue to examine the smartphone. We had a quick look at the visual component of the smartphone even before it arrived for the review, and was more or less ready for the double cut. What came as a surprise to me was the single-handed fingerprint scanner on the right side of the smartphone. If you do not take into account folding smartphones, in which there is nowhere else to put this sensor, then in fact there are not so many more or less mass devices with a side scanner on the market, they can be counted literally on one hand, the most striking example is the cute Samsung Galaxy S10e...

The scanner is a physical button with a quiet and tactilely pleasant click, there will definitely be its fans. It works quickly, the unlocking process takes a little less than a second, as in the case of face unlocking. By the way, in realme 6 the location of the fingerprint sensor is identical.

 On the back, there is a picture familiar from many current devices: a vertical block of cameras in the upper left corner, next to a flash, and below - the manufacturer's logo. One gets the impression that once a year, manufacturers secretly define a general trend that is used as a template, and it is not always successful. From the point of view of ergonomics, this is not the best solution, however, even if you use the realme 6 Pro without a case, you can enter text on a smartphone lying on the table: yes, it rocks, but not as critical as, for example, the same realme C3. To dilute this monotony, the backrest design uses an S-shaped gradient iridescent under the glass surface. Its color transitions beautifully from red at the bottom to purple towards the top of the back. This is realized with seven layers of different materials with different treatments.

We note the preserved headphone jack, as well as the standard complexity for this aspect ratio in controlling the smartphone with one hand without changing position and intercepting the device. The smartphone weighs almost 200 grams, which is felt only in comparison with other devices, I would not call it heavy, after all, this is a subjective moment. The tactile and aesthetic sensations are positive, but you should be on your guard, the smartphone without a case is quite slippery. As for the assembly, everything is fine, no complaints. There is no official IP certification, only splash protection is declared.

 As far as display is concerned, Realme 6 Pro comes with a 6.6 IPS LCD display from corner to corner. With my dislike of all sorts of cutouts in the screen, "monobrows" and "droplets", which borders on OCD, it was, to put it mildly, difficult to get used to the already mentioned double "puncture". The dark theme helped a little, the wallpaper playing out the cutout, the beautiful animation around the camera when unlocking the smartphone in the face, well, time. It is clear that such a solution can already be found on the market, just in my memory this is the first test smartphone with such a cutout, not counting the Vivo V19, there is one camera. There is a margin of brightness, in the dimming mode it does not hurt the eyes, if desired, you can use it to the full. With a white theme, 60% brightness is enough. In terms of color modes, there are two settings available: sRGB for more natural colors and DCI-P3 for richer and more vivid hues.

After plus or minus prolonged communication with a smartphone with a screen refresh rate above 60 Hz, other screens begin to be perceived as archaism, the speed and smoothness of scrolling are strikingly different. In realme 6 Pro, you can independently select the hertz mode (90 or 60 Hz), as well as entrust the system with automatic selection depending on the application used. The reduced frequency will have a positive effect on autonomy, while the 90Hz mode will provide a decent visual experience. In the settings, there is also an activation of the dimming mode, which switches the interface to a dark theme, setting the preferred screen temperature is available. OSIE (Object Semantic Images Eye-tracking) virtual mode is used to enhance the image in selected applications that support this technology. For this, artificial intelligence algorithms are used. Using this mode increases the load on the battery, albeit not so significantly.

 In the process of extinction, the 3.5 mm mini-jack connector is indeed present on this Realme 6 Pro. Average, it offers wide dynamics as well as controlled crosstalk. Unfortunately, he stumbles on the distortion, a little too high, and the limited power.

Finally, the Realme 6 Pro has a speaker on its lower edge. This proves to be capable of delivering great power. However, you should know that it saturates once the last notches of volume are reached.

Realme 6 Pro: Price, Release Date, Specifications, and in 2020.

  Operating System and Process.

 The phone offers extremely fast and powerful processors.  Realme 6 Pro offers a good processor for daily use. The Realme Pro powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G , letter G hints at gaming, the processor itself replaced the 710 model, but still does not support 5G frequencies. Compared to its predecessor, the graphics part has been improved.

 Regarding the GPU, Realme 6 Pro has the Adreno 618

  In Geekbench 5, the CPU scored 571 for single-core and 1676 for multicores.
As for gaming, in PUBG Mobile, despite the fact that the game does not support increased screen refresh rates. The system automatically detects the settings as high. For almost the entire gaming session, the frame rate remained at 29 fps. The average processor load was 39%. For some reason, PerfDog this time did not take readings of the processor heating, there was a little warmth in the area next to the camera block on the back of the smartphone, otherwise everything is fine in this parameter. The gaming experience is positive, especially if you download the game with 90 Hz support. But the point is not only in this parameter, it is in games that the refresh rate of the sensor layer also "decides", which allows you to process commands more clearly and respond to them faster. In the case of realme 6 Pro, it is 120 Hz.

According to the operating system, Realme 6 Pro comes with Android 10 based Realme UI installed. We will not go over all the similarities (already mentioned in the test of the X50 Pro ) between the OS of Realme and that of Oppo. Remember that Realme UI shines with its ease of use, its fluidity and its multitude of customization functions.

 The manufacturer associates a graphic charter quite close to Android Stock, integrates the application drawer (cuckoo Xiaomi), an extended dark mode (applies to most apps) and adds here and there a few tricks without ever really falling into the gadget. Clean, simple and efficient.

Realme 6 Pro: Price, Release Date, Specifications, and in 2020.

 Storage, Price, and available colors.

  Realme 6 Pro price depends on the selected variant. The basic variant of the 6 Pro  with 6GB RAM and 64GB variant, it will cost 319.00USD on Bang good. The same variant will cost you around 329.90USD on eBay. The variant with 6GB RAM and 128GB variant, it will cost 369.00USD on eBay. The same variant will cost you around 339.90USD on Bang good While the variant with 8GB RAM and 128GB variant, we have no idea how much it might cost.  It supports either 2 SIM cards or 1 SD card up to 512GB. It is available in Lightning Blue, Lightning Orange, and Lightning Red colors.

 Security and Ports.

  On the security side, the fingerprint sensor positioned on the lock button is quite responsive.  The phone also supports the classical unlocking methods such as pattern and passcode.

  As of ports, the device supports Bluetooth 5 and NFC. It supports VoLTE and WiFi Calling. It also has a support for a 3.5mm headphone jack unlike most of today's smartphones

Realme 6 Pro: Price, Release Date, Specifications, and in 2020.

 Battery and charging.

 Realme 6 Pro provides a powerful Li-Po 4300mAh battery. And the phone offers fast charging.
The Realme 6 Pro proves to be enduring without reaching the peaks. Allow a day and a half for versatile use with a screen refresh rate of 90 Hz. So you can expect to reach two days if your uses are more moderate and you alternate between 90 Hz and 60 Hz. Realme offers d '' moreover an intelligent mode switching from 60 Hz to 90 Hz automatically depending on the application used. The more geeky profiles (lots of games and videos) will have to go through the recharge box every evening before midnight.

 Realme provides a 30W fast charger and advertises a full charge in 55 minutes. Promise kept: with each attempt, my test model regained all of its hit points in less than an hour. Allow about 25 minutes to reach 50%. Good performance for a smartphone at this price. Finally, you won't be surprised to learn that Realme is sacrificing wireless charging on the altar of cost reduction. Logic.


Realme 6 Pro has a- quad-camera on the rear as clarified: 64Mp ( wide with f\1.9), 8MP( ultrawide with f\2.4, 12MP( telephoto with f\2.2) and 2MP ( macro with f\2.4). Realme 6 Pro has a dual front-facing camera, 16MP ( wide with f\2.1) and 8MP (ultrawide with f\2.2)  The cameras come with LED flash, AI support, and HDR. HDR technology will help you when there's sunlight behind you. HDR will edit the photo and balance the brightness. 

 By day, the Realme 6 Pro logically offers a much higher dive in 64 MP. There is also a more accentuated image processing, with high and exaggerated contrasts.

 At night, the 16 MP should be better exposed, but the results are ultimately equivalent. The smartphone reacts in exactly the same way, triggering very quickly (1/15 s) and exploding the sensitivity. It is thus difficult to distinguish the two clich├ęs. The only difference being the size of the snapshot, allowing a much easier cropping in 64 MP. It remains of very average quality.

 Faced with the Mi 9T, this Realme 6 Pro displays a warmer scene during the day, despite a slightly more hazardous treatment, causing some writing to drool. The result remains correct without really being convincing.

 At night and shine, the Realme 6 Pro is doing better than the Xiaomi mobile, thanks to colors that are certainly exaggerated, but very present. The software processing erasing everything stung, on both smartphones.

 Night mode doesn't help matters, greatly accentuating the contrasts. The result obtained is further removed from reality and is difficult to use.

 The ultra-wide-angle module of the Realme 6 Pro is of very average quality. By day, the hazardous image processing already noticed on the main module is accentuated even more. The details thus disappear under flats of color.

 By night, the problems already observed during the day become even more pronounced. Smoothing blurs areas of the scene and places a veil on the colors. The result is not good, but few smartphones can handle their ultra-wide-angle at night.

 For its part, the 2x the telephoto module is relevant during the day. Despite a limited dive, it offers a properly exposed and generally usable scene.

 At night, the results are once again bad. Underexposed, the image suffers from a treatment as aggressive as it is regrettable.

 At the front, Realme has chosen to integrate two modules dedicated to selfies. A wide-angle (16 Mpx, f / 2.1, eq. 26 mm) and an ultra-wide-angle (8 Mpx, f / 2.2, eq. 17 mm). Both are able to take quite usable shots, with proper backlight management. The portrait mode is also quite good, with relatively precise digital clipping, but easily trapped by curly hair. Finally, the Realme 6 Pro is capable of filming in 4K at 30 fps. However, we advise you to favor 1080p to obtain a more stable image.

Realme 6 Pro: Price, Release Date, Specifications, and in 2020.


 Overall, the smartphone is quite successful. Between an elegant design, good software,  good autonomy, and good performances, the realme 6 Pro remains a totally recommendable product. However, the photo part is unfortunately below the other points. If you are not an absolute fan of photography, the other points of this realme 6 Pro make it a great product. What do you think? Have you used the smartphone? Do you recommend it? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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