iPad Mini 5: Quick Review

iPad Mini 5: Quick Review

iPad Mini 5: Quick Review

iPad Mini 5: Quick Review

Many have been waiting for this: A new iPad Mini is here. Apple puts the latest technology in the smallest iPad, and you even get some new features. We take a closer look at the current iPad Mini. In this article, we will give you a quick review regarding iPad Mini 5.

iPad Mini 5: Quick Review

Design & Display.

 iPad Mini 5 is pretty lovely. The iPad Mini 5 has a punch hole for the front-facing camera in the top left corner. The back of the device is made from aluminum with curved edges. The front is made from glass with a punch-hole camera. The thickness of the device is 6.1 (0.24) and it weighs 300.5grams ( WiFi) or 308.2grams ( LTE). The frame is made of aluminum with a single rear camera.

As far as display is concerned, iPad Mini 5 comes with a 7.9 IPS LCD display.  Apple uses a fully laminated display in the iPad Mini, which now offers a large color space (P3) and true-tone capability. The lamination directly to the glass surface ensures that the display becomes thinner than previous generations of the iPad Mini and thus more space remains in the housing. It is also closer to the surface, which makes it look better, especially when you look at the display from the side. It occupies 70.5% of the front of the device. iPad Mini 5 has 1536 x 2048resolution with 324 PPi.

The true-tone function ensures that the color impression on the display adapts to the ambient light. The iPad Mini has integrated color sensors on the front. They constantly measure the ambient light, not only in the intensity but also in the predominant color. The operating system tries to correct the color impression on the display using the sensor data, so that, for example, in cold artificial light, a colder color impression is also created on the display. The same applies to warm light, for example by candlelight. It is said to have a similar effect to holding a white sheet of paper in your hand, here the white point of the reflected light also changes with the ambient light.

In practice, this works quite well. However, one should not forget that the True Tone function changes the colors. Graphic professionals, who usually work under precisely defined ambient light, certainly don't like that. For these applications, the true tone function can be switched off in the display settings.

The true tone display is only possible with an extended color space and so you now get the large DCI-P3 color gamut that comes from the professional cinema sector. In the test, we notice this clearly in comparison to older iPad models. The colors of photos or videos appear more natural, color fringes with gentle gradients are almost no longer recognizable.

Another novelty for the iPad Mini is the support for the first-generation Apple Pencil. This is charged directly to the iPad via a Lightning connection and connects automatically to the iPad Mini when it is used for the first time. It worked flawlessly in the test. The performance of the new iPad is also more than sufficient to capture handwritten notes or drawings. We hardly noticed any delays or dragging even with very fast movements of the pencil in the test.

Even if the iPad Mini does not prove to be the ideal tool for graphic artists and artists because of the smaller screen, the possibility of using the Apple Pencil at all is a significant asset.

iPad Mini 5: Quick Review

Operating System and Process.

 iPad Mini 5 comes with the Apple A12 Bionic.  The Mini 5 CPU comes with 8 cores with 7nm build.

Regarding the GPU, iPad Mini 5 has the Apple GPU (4-core graphics).

In Geekbench 5, the CPU scored 1110 for single-core and 2780 for multicores

The iPad Mini, we really enjoyed how easy it was to hold in one hand and play, but we noticed that the smaller display size made it a bit tough to see enemies that were further away. As far as performance, we noticed those stutters and dropped frames go away because of the better processor, so everything felt really smooth. One thing to keep in mind is that the smaller size also leads to a smaller battery, so you could see significantly lower battery life while gaming.

As for the Forenight, we had the same 60FPS at Medium quality settings as the regular iPad, but the graphics were drastically more detailed in the lobby, even at identical settings, so that’s something to keep in mind. And in the game itself, textures and detail of your character were much more detailed as well, and everything, in general, looked much better. As far as performance, the frame rate was basically maxed out at 60FPS the entire time, which shows us that it can easily handle medium graphics, and should have an extra high option, but it doesn’t.

According to the operating system, the iPad mini 2019 runs on iOS 12.2. So far, this is the most recent version of the operating system. Here you will find a whole set of useful gestures, which may even be too many. Apple developers decided to compile many of the older programs with newer ones. 

By the way, there is a good old round button here that will always return you to the home screen or open the multitasking panel. However, any action with a button has a similar functional gesture on the screen.

We find the multitasking gestures on the Apple iPad mini 2019 not the easiest, but still fast. Often, some actions are convenient and simple, but not very intuitive. In this case, we recommend exploring the possibilities of iOS, including those that are not the most obvious.

iPad Mini 5: Quick Review

Storage, Price, and available colors.

Apple iPad Mini 5 and iPad 10.2 price depends on the selected variant. the basic variant of iPad Mini 5 with 3GB RAM and 64GB variant, it will cost you around 399.00USD ( WiFi).  The same variant will cost you around  479.00USD  ( WiFi + Cellular).  The variant with 3GB and 256GB variant, it will cost 450.00USD ( WiFi) on Amazon. The same variant will cost you around 529.00USD ( WiFi + Cellular ).  it supports 2 SIM cards but it does not support SD card. It is available in Silver, Gold,  and Space Gray colors.

iPad Mini 5: Quick Review

Security and Ports.

For security, iPad Mini 5 comes with a fingerprint sensor embedded in the screen, and its performance is perfect. It does not support  3D face recognition for unlocking. The iPad Mini 5 also supports the classical unlocking methods such as pattern and passcode.

As of ports, the device supports Bluetooth 5 and NFC. It supports VoLTE and WiFi Calling. The device comes with a USB-C port, which helps in quick charing. It supports a 3.5mm headphone jack.

iPad Mini 5: Quick Review

Battery and charging.

Apple iPad Mini 5 comprises a powerful Li-Po battery with a capacity of 5000mAh for better performance.

The iPad Mini battery can be charged from 0% to 100% in  3 hours and 13 minutes. The iPad Mini is also fast-charging. To do this, however, you have to use a USB Type-C charger and a special Lightning adapter cable. This should roughly halve the loading time.

iPad Mini 5: Quick Review


The iPad Mini has a 8MP-standard-rear camera. it supports HDR for better photographs. Using the rear camera you can record video with 1080p@30fps while, the front-facing camera is 7MP, and it supports HDR technology as well. you can record the same rear camera video quality. The photos come in warm colors. The light is good and the details are acceptable. In general, the camera does well for a tablet.

iPad Mini 5: Quick Review


Should you upgrade your iPad mini 4 to the updated mini 5? You decide. But there are several reasons for this. First of all, performance. Apple has done an excellent job of optimizing the gadget. While the previous models are still fast, the iPad mini 2019 is faster.

What is difficult to argue with is obsolescence. As good as the rest of the tablets are, modern games and applications are constantly demanding more power. Even if you read a lot, browse the pages before going to bed or during the day, True Tone technology and a special display coating will allow you to do it with maximum convenience. What do you think? Do you recommend it? Share your knowledge in the comments section below.

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