iPad Mini 5 and Apple iPad 10.2 which one is the king?

iPad Mini 5 and Apple iPad 10.2 which one is the king?

iPad Mini 5 and Apple iPad 10.2 which one is the king?

iPad Mini 5 and Apple iPad 10.2 which one is the king?

Many have been waiting for this: A new iPad Mini is here. Apple puts the latest technology in the smallest iPad, and you even get some new features. We take a closer look at the current iPad Mini.

On the other hand, we have Apple iPad 10.2 which is considered to be one of the 10 best tablets in 2019.  It is the best iPad Apple announced in 2019. This tablet comes with a sensitive fingerprint scanner and advantages. In this article, we will make a comparison between the iPad Mini 5 and iPad 7 to see who the king is.

iPad Mini 5 and Apple iPad 10.2 which one is the king?

Design & Display.

 iPad Mini 5 and iPad 10.2 are quite good. The iPad Mini 5 has a punch hole for the front-facing camera in the top left corner. The back of the device is made from aluminum with curved edges. The front is made from glass with a punch-hole camera. The thickness of the device is 6.1 (0.24) and it weighs 300.5grams ( WiFi) or 308.2grams ( LTE). The frame is made of aluminum with a single rear camera.

On the other hand, Apple iPad 10.2 is made from aluminum and the back is also made from aluminum. The iPad 10.2 comes with dimensions as clarified:250.6mm x 174.1mm x 7.5mm ( 9.87 in x 6.85 in x 0.30 in ). The device comes with a single rear camera at the top left. The S5e has a home button with a fingerprint sensor embedded in it as in the Huawei MatePad M6 and Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e. The front is made from glass with huge edges. There is a punch hole in the top of the screen to house the front-facing camera. The thickness of the device is 7.5mm and it weighs 483 grams ( WiFi) or 493grams ( LTE).

As far as display is concerned, iPad Mini 5 comes with a 7.9 IPS LCD display.  Apple uses a fully laminated display in the iPad Mini, which now offers a large color space (P3) and true-tone capability. The lamination directly to the glass surface ensures that the display becomes thinner than previous generations of the iPad Mini and thus more space remains in the housing. It is also closer to the surface, which makes it look better, especially when you look at the display from the side. It occupies 70.5% of the front of the device. iPad Mini 5 has 1536 x 2048resolution with 324 PPi.

The true-tone function ensures that the color impression on the display adapts to the ambient light. The iPad Mini has integrated color sensors on the front. They constantly measure the ambient light, not only in the intensity but also in the predominant color. The operating system tries to correct the color impression on the display using the sensor data, so that, for example, in cold artificial light, a colder color impression is also created on the display. The same applies to warm light, for example by candlelight. It is said to have a similar effect to holding a white sheet of paper in your hand, here the white point of the reflected light also changes with the ambient light.

In practice, this works quite well. However, one should not forget that the True Tone function changes the colors. Graphic professionals, who usually work under precisely defined ambient light, certainly don't like that. For these applications, the true tone function can be switched off in the display settings.

The true tone display is only possible with an extended color space and so you now get the large DCI-P3 color gamut that comes from the professional cinema sector. In the test, we notice this clearly in comparison to older iPad models. The colors of photos or videos appear more natural, color fringes with gentle gradients are almost no longer recognizable.

Another novelty for the iPad Mini is the support for the first-generation Apple Pencil. This is charged directly to the iPad via a Lightning connection and connects automatically to the iPad Mini when it is used for the first time. It worked flawlessly in the test. The performance of the new iPad is also more than sufficient to capture handwritten notes or drawings. We hardly noticed any delays or dragging even with very fast movements of the pencil in the test.

Even if the iPad Mini does not prove to be the ideal tool for graphic artists and artists because of the smaller screen, the possibility of using the Apple Pencil at all is a significant asset.

 On the flip side, Apple iPad 7 comes with a 10.2 IPS LCD display which Apple calls Retina Display. The screen occupies 74.4% of the front of the device. The iPad 7 has a resolution (1620x2160)  with 264 PPI.

Dimensions aside, on paper, the biggest question mark regarding the screen is in its technology is in fact a  non-laminated display. It is a technology that, in a nutshell, puts a gap between the front of the screen and the LEDs, this gap after giving a lower responsiveness of the screen and a lower quality of the images. Apple has been using laminated screens on iPads for years; only the original iPad and all non-retina iPads, plus of course the 2018 iPad, had non-laminated screens.

in practice this does not mean much : when operating an iPad 7 there are no delays in the inputs, there are no problems in the use of Apple Pencil, the quality of the interface and of the photos is still very high and the color fidelity excellent. Of course the icons seem a little more "distant" from the fingertip and Truetone and WideColor are missing, but in the first case you get used to it, for the second problem you must take into account that these technologies on an iPad of this range do not make much sense.

The second novelty, less visible than the screen size but not insignificant, is the introduction of the Smart Connector also in this iPad . This magnetic connection system consists of pins that connect an external accessory with the iPad and was previously reserved for the Pro models and the third-generation iPad Air; put on iPad 7 it moves up its functionality because it allows you to use keyboards such as the Smart Keyboard (iPad 10.2 is compatible with those for iPad Air and iPad 10.5 Pro) without pairing and without worries about recharging the battery.

If we talk about the Smart Keyboard we can say it has only one angle and that its design is quite particular, we can also advance some doubts about the response of the keys, but it is undoubted that having the possibility to use such an accessory is a not indifferent “plus” for iPad 2019 . Also, thanks to the support for a mouse that we know is supported in iPad's now iPad also in this entry-level version can be approached to some laptops for functionality and flexibility.

If anything, speaking of Smart Connector we can discuss the fact that it is underused . In practice, there is only one Apple accessory that uses it, the Smart Keyboard, which has a very high cost that becomes difficult to accept if you think that bought at 179 euros means paying out as much as another half iPad.

There is little to say about use with Apple Pencil 1 (Apple Pencil 2 remains reserved for iPad Pro). Ergonomics and the ability to improve interaction with content are what we know well, improved if you compare it with iPad 9.7, thanks to the extra space available. The Apple pen was and remains a niche product but one that favors the adoption of iPad 7 by creatives and artists short on the budget.

We discuss, as we have always discussed, the bizarre system of charging through the Lightning port that forces you to stick the pen into the iPad for charging in a position that runs the risk of destroying the pen or iPad or both. Fortunately, there is always an alternative solution using an adapter (included in the package) and a classic Lightning cable, even if by doing so you partially lose the convenience of using an iPad for charging.

iPad Mini 5 and Apple iPad 10.2 which one is the king?

Operating System and Process.

Both tablets offer pretty good processors for daily use. iPad Mini 5 comes with the Apple A12 Bionic.  The Mini 5 CPU comes with 8 cores with 7nm build. Whereas Apple iPad 7 powered by the A10 Fusion. It comes with 4 cores and 16nm build. It is an old CPU but it still works well for normal use. It first appeared in 2016 in the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

Regarding the GPU, iPad Mini 5 has the Apple GPU (4-core graphics). In Geekbench 5, the CPU scored 1110 for single-core and 2780 for multicores

The iPad Mini, we really enjoyed how easy it was to hold in one hand and play, but we noticed that the smaller display size made it a bit tough to see enemies that were further away. As far as performance, we noticed those stutters and dropped frames go away because of the better processor, so everything felt really smooth. One thing to keep in mind is that the smaller size also leads to a smaller battery, so you could see significantly lower battery life while gaming.

As for the Forenight, we had the same 60FPS at Medium quality settings as the regular iPad, but the graphics were drastically more detailed in the lobby, even at identical settings, so that’s something to keep in mind. And in the game itself, textures and detail of your character were much more detailed as well, and everything, in general, looked much better. As far as performance, the frame rate was basically maxed out at 60FPS the entire time, which shows us that it can easily handle medium graphics, and should have an extra high option, but it doesn’t.

As for the Apple iPad 10.2 GPU, The GPU is the PowerVR Series7XT Plus. In Geekbench 5 the CPU scored 565 points for single-core and 1080 points for multicores.

This 10.2 iPad can give you a decent PUBG gaming experience, although performance is not the best. This iPad allows you to choose until 60fps while playing. The performance is pretty smooth yet sometimes it is a bit annoying especially in environments with more textures. This happens while playing on the 10.2 iPad for too long.

For ForNight, although you can play at the medium 60fps instead of 30fps as it used to be, the general performance is still not good. The quality of the characters and the texture is not that great. The quality of the game is lacking all the time, the longer you play, the worse quality you get. So, even though you can play at 60fps, the game is lacking most of the time and it is not smooth. There are even times where the fps drop down to the 20's. On other words, we don't recommend this iPad for such competitive games.

According to the operating system, the iPad mini 2019 runs on iOS 12.2. So far, this is the most recent version of the operating system. Here you will find a whole set of useful gestures, which may even be too many. Apple developers decided to compile many of the older programs with newer ones. 

By the way, there is a good old round button here that will always return you to the home screen or open the multitasking panel. However, any action with a button has a similar functional gesture on the screen.

We find the multitasking gestures on the Apple iPad mini 2019 not the easiest, but still fast. Often, some actions are convenient and simple, but not very intuitive. In this case, we recommend exploring the possibilities of iOS, including those that are not the most obvious.

Contrastingly, The 10.2 iPad runs also on the new iPad OS. From the first start we are greeted by a new Home screen that takes advantage of the large display, showing notifications and customizable widgets on the left, the app icons in the widest area on the right, finally at the bottom a dock that immediately recalls that of the Macs , containing the main apps the user can choose, as well as the three most recently launched apps.

Apple has also significantly enhanced and improved the functions for multitasking . With Slide Over we can open two apps at the same time or multiple windows of the same app, convenient for example to read on the Internet with Safari, compare multiple articles in the browser, or to browse and take notes in Notes.

Just remember that only apps that are in the Dock can be dragged with a short swipe from the edge of the screen. If, on the other hand, we swipe our finger to the center of the screen, we open Slide Over Switcher which shows a thumbnail of all the open apps to choose from. Now it is also possible to open more windows of the same, indifferently to the right and left, and also to scroll between these with a swipe at the bottom.

We can also create different workspaces containing the apps we need, quickly switch between apps and workspaces with App Switcher. Among the most important improvements are those introduced in Safari which is now declared by Apple complete with all the functions we are used to using on Mac, including support for web apps, including WordPress, the productivity apps Google Docs, Squarespace, just for mention the most famous. Finally now Safari in iPadOS also gets a download manager to download and access files and documents directly from the tablet.

This latest innovation goes perfectly with the enhancement of Files, the app for browsing and managing files and folders on iPad. They are now also shown in a new column which is useful for better scrolling through folders and sub folders. You can access networked SMB file servers, iCloud Drive, preview the selected file on the fly, and memory sticks and external hard drives are also supported, as long as you buy a Lightning to USB adapter.

iPad improves nearly every aspect of iPad productivity and operation , including Apple Pencil. Cupertino declares a further reduced latency: we have a redesigned palette of tools, repositionable where we prefer, and also a gesture with Pencil to transform email messages, web pages, maps, iWork documents into PDF documents on the fly that we can annotate and highlight with Apple Pencil, ready to be shared on the fly with friends and colleagues.

The list of iPadOS news still includes the arrival of numerous shortcuts (with Smart Keyboard connected) identical to those that Mac users have been using for years, new gestures for text editing (selection, cursor management, selection, copy, cut and paste with three-finger gestures, the double three-finger tap to cancel the last entry and more), QuickType to type quickly on the virtual keyboard without ever lifting your finger from the screen, the new repositionable miniaturized virtual keyboard, the management of different graphic fonts to be used that can be purchased on the App Store, Dark Mode and in combination with macOS Catalina, also Sidecar to transform iPad and Apple Pencil into a graphic tablet of the Mac.

The innovations introduced in iPadOS tailored to iPad are numerous, all effective and powerful. There is no doubt that with iPadOS, Apple's tablets, all included, even this inexpensive 10.2 ”iPad reviewed here, become more complete and versatile productivity tools. The opinion on the new Apple operating system for tablets is certainly positive but with clarification. Those who want to take advantage of these functions must budget some time to devote not only to familiarize themselves with the new commands and gestures but also with a significantly different workflow from what we are used to on a Mac or Windows PC.

iPad Mini 5 and Apple iPad 10.2 which one is the king?

Storage, Price, and available colors.

Apple iPad Mini 5 and iPad 10.2 price depends on the selected variant. the basic variant of iPad Mini 5 with 3GB RAM and 64GB variant, it will cost you around 399.00USD ( WiFi).  The same variant will cost you around  479.00USD  ( WiFi + Cellular).  The variant with 3GB and 256GB variant, it will cost 450.00USD ( WiFi) on Amazon. The same variant will cost you around 529.00USD ( WiFi + Cellular ).  it supports 2 SIM cards but it does not support SD card. It is available in Silver, Gold,  and Space Gray colors.

Meanwhile, the basic variant of iPad 7 with 3GB RAM and 32GB variant, it will cost you around 330.00USD ( WiFi).  The same variant will cost you around 431.00USD instead of 459.00USD  ( WiFi + Cellular). You have a 6% discount. The variant with 3GB RAM and 128GB variant, it will cost 399.00USD instead of 429.00USD ( WiFi) on Amazon. You have a 7% discount. The same variant will cost you around 514.00USD instead of 559.00USD ( WiFi + Cellular ). You have an 8% discount. You have to pay an extra 99USD to get the Apple pencil and 99USD in case you want the keyboard. It supports 2 SIM cards but it does not support the SD card. It is available in Silver, Gold,  and Space Gray colors.

iPad Mini 5 and Apple iPad 10.2 which one is the king?

Security and Ports.

For security, iPad Mini 5 comes with a fingerprint sensor embedded in the screen, and its performance is perfect. It does not support  3D face recognition for unlocking. The iPad Mini 5 also supports the classical unlocking methods such as pattern and passcode. On the other side, Apple iPad 10.2 comes with a built-in fingerprint sensor. The performance is perfect. It also supports the same classical unlocking methods which the Tab S6 Lite has such as pattern and passcode.

As of ports, the device supports Bluetooth 5 and NFC. It supports VoLTE and WiFi Calling. The device comes with a USB-C port, which helps in quick charing. It supports a 3.5mm headphone jack. Whereas the Tab 10.2 supports Bluetooth 4.2 and GPS.  It comes a 3.5mm headphone jack.

iPad Mini 5 and Apple iPad 10.2 which one is the king?

Battery and charging.

Apple iPad Mini 5 comprises a powerful Li-Po battery with a capacity of 5000mAh for better performance. iPad 7 holds a more powerful Li-Po battery with a capacity 8827 mAh battery.

The iPad Mini battery can be charged from 0% to 100% in  3 hours and 13 minutes. The iPad Mini is also fast-charging. To do this, however, you have to use a USB Type-C charger and a special Lightning adapter cable. This should roughly halve the loading time. While the iPad 7 can be charged with 12w, and you can charge the battery from 0 to 100% in 4 hours. Unfortunately, it does not support fast charging.

iPad Mini 5 and Apple iPad 10.2 which one is the king?


The iPad Mini has a 8MP-standard-rear camera. it supports HDR for better photographs. Using the rear camera you can record video with 1080p@30fps while, the front-facing camera is 7MP, and it supports HDR technology as well. you can record the same rear camera video quality. The photos come in warm colors. The light is good and the details are acceptable. In general, the camera does good for a tablet.

 In contrast, iPad 10.2 has a single rear camera: 8MP with f\2.4. it supports the HDR and autofocus for sharper shots. You can use the camera to record a 1080p @ 30fps or 720 @ 120fps with stereo recording. The Tab has a 1.2MP front-facing camera with f\2.2. It supports the HDR and Face Detection and also it can be used to record a video with 720@30fps.

iPad Mini 5 and Apple iPad 10.2 which one is the king?


Both of the iPad Mini 5 and iPad 7 comes with good features for good use regarding the affordable price. For instance, both of them come with the S-Pen which provides you with multiple choices to use either of these tablets easily. Keep in mind that the iPads support the first generation but you still can manage with it. Typing experience is another wonderful feature. Both of them also a huge battery which can last up to 10 hours. What do you think? Have you lied an eye on either of those iPads? Do you recommend them? Share your knowledge in the comments section below.

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