iPhone 11: Display, Price, and Specifications in 2019.

iPhone 11: Display, Price, and Specifications in 2019.

iPhone 11: Display, Price, and Specifications in 2019.

iPhone 11: Display, Price, and Specifications in 2019.

When the iPhone XR was introduced last year, it could not attract attention next to its siblings, which may have higher qualities and prices than itself. But then it turned out that this smartphone, in the past year, Apple became the best performing iPhone model. Indeed, consumers know what to choose. With its relatively affordable price and many of the most up-to-date features in Apple's flagship phones, the iPhone XR has been a phone that captures the price-performance balance well within Apple's product segment. Apple introduced the iPhone 11 by offering complementary features and functions in the areas where it is required, without breaking this holding formula. We have been experiencing this smartphone for a while, with a suggested retail price of 900USD. In this article, we will give you a quick review regarding the iPhone 11.

iPhone 11: Display, Price, and Specifications in 2019.

Design & Display.

It is impossible to distinguish the iPhone 11 from the iPhone XR, after turning around and seeing the two cameras and the Apple logo, whose location is a little longer. iPhone 11 has the same dimensions and weight as its predecessor. The iPhone 11 and XR we have are both white and transparent. Occasionally, we've confused these two models.

iPhone 11 is also covered with a solid glass front and back. However, Apple preferred to use a glossy surface instead of a matte surface, such as behind the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max. The glass surface of the camera module in the upper left corner is matte. In this respect, he contrasts with his siblings. The glossy glass surface has enough friction and the phone won't slip away when using it without a case. Still, we used the iPhone 11 with a transparent case dedicated to this phone throughout our experience. Although the transparent case slightly increases the weight and thickness of the phone, it does not cause any difficulties in use.

There is progress on the iPhone 11 with regard to water resistance. Last year, the iPhone XR was IP67 certified. It could withstand water at a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes. Now, we see that the tracker provides more protection with IP68. This time it can survive up to 2 meters in water for up to 30 minutes. We don't recommend underwater photography with the iPhone 11, but there is nothing to worry about if the phone is accidentally dropped in water. Dry your phone well and continue using it.

The aluminum-covered edges also match the phone's back color scheme. Especially in vibrant colors such as purple and green, the aluminum edges look very nice. On the lower edge are the Lightning port, speaker, and microphone. There are a mute button and volume keys on the left side. On the right edge, we see the side button and the nanoSIM card tray. There is no entry, exit, or button on the upper edge.

On the front, at the top of the 6.1-inch screen is a notch, a classic of iPhones. This is the speaker, home to the TrueDepth camera system. The screen bezel is thicker than the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max.

We talked a lot about the back, we said that the dual-lens camera module is placed in the upper left corner. This module also includes a microphone and Dual Tone LED flash. iPhone logo removed, Apple logo centered. The current look looks simpler and more pleasant.

As far as display is concerned, iPhone 11 comes with a 6.1 IPS LCD screen which is called Retina XDR. It occupies 79.1 of the front of the device. iPhone 11 has 1792 x 828 resolution with 326 PPi. 

If you've ever used an iPhone 8 or a similar phone, the iPhone 11's screen won't seem too strange to you. In fact, if you have used the iPhone 8 Plus and other Plus models, which are its predecessors, we think you will have no problem getting used to the iPhone 11's screen.

The screen, with its brightness of up to 625 nits, offers an adequate view in the outside, under bright light. The vibrancy of the screen is also good, the viewing angles are also wide. We did not have any trouble with the iPhone XR's screen. It would not be wrong to say that a similar situation applies to the iPhone 11. On the other hand, the high brightness level allows HDR content to be viewed. You can enjoy impressive Dolby Vision content on Netflix or the iTunes store or HDR videos on YouTube.

Among the iPhones released last year, the iPhone XR was distinguished from the others as a model that did not include 3D Touch technology. In iPhone 11, this difference disappears, because the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max do not have this technology anymore. Apple performs the movements and functions used by pressing the screen lightly, such as Quick Actions, Peek, Pop, which it previously offered with 3D Touch, through the software with iOS 13. Thanks to the renewed vibration motor, we can offer the experience we got from screens that used to have 3D Touch.

On the sound side, we see that the iPhone 11 has made progress compared to the iPhone XR. Like the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max models, Dolby Atmos technology is also available on this phone. Moreover, you can experience this support directly through the speakers without the need for any accessories. Dolby Atmos supported movies on iTunes that are suitable for the experience. The environmental sound effect is increased, even if you stand behind the iPhone 11, you can hear the sound quite well. You can easily feel the movement of the sound between the right and left channels in movies. In addition, the stereo speakers of the iPhone 11 offer sound quality and intensity well above the average of a smartphone. You don't need external speakers.

There is no headphone jack on the iPhone 11 either. 3.5mm headphone jack comes out of the box. The 3.5mm-Lightning adapter is not available, you have to buy it separately. If your budget allows, you can get a comfortable and effortless audio and multimedia experience with a headset like the AirPods or the newly released AirPods Pro. Of course, you can also consider the different Bluetooth headset options.

iPhone 11: Display, Price, and Specifications in 2019.

Operating System and Process.

iPhone 11 is powered by the brand-new A13 Bionic. The processor is built using a 7nm process for extreme power efficiency, and it has a neural engine on board for AI-related tasks.

Performance befitting to flagship phones is available on iPhone 11. In addition to performing daily tasks, you can also play high-profile games comfortably, with high graphics quality and without stutter. You can also use photo editing or video creation applications on iPhone 11 without any problems. In short, on the efficiency and performance side, the iPhone 11 responds at the level of a flagship phone for you.

In Geekbench test, the iPhone scored 1334 points for the single-core and 3414 for the multicores.

According to the operating system, the iPhone 11 runs on iOS 13, which also supports the Dark Mode among other amazing features. The iOS is fast and optimized with privacy with the latest updates. The Apple Store and Apps also have been updated.

iPhone 11 comes with many Apple applications installed. You can remove some of these from the Home screen. On the other hand, you can download the game or application you want from the App Store. iPhone 11, one of the most up-to-date iPhones, will not cause any problems with compatibility.

iPhone 11: Display, Price, and Specifications in 2019.

Storage, Price, and available colors.

iPhone 11  price depends on the selected variant. The basic variant of the iPhone 11 with 4GB RAM and 64GB variant, it will cost you around 699.00USD on Amazon. The variant with 4GB RAM and 128GB variant, it will cost 749.00USD on Amazon while the 4GB RAM and 256GB variant will cost you around 849.00USD on Amazon. It does not have an SD card. While it goes with 2 SIM cards, one is physical and the other is eSIM. It is available in Good, Silver, Black, and the cool Midnight-Green colors.

iPhone 11: Display, Price, and Specifications in 2019.

Security and Ports.

For security, Face ID is the only biometric authentication method in iPhone 11. Last year, we could clearly see that Face ID works faster on iPhone XR and other iPhones than iPhone X. On the iPhone 11, there is no difference in speed compared to its predecessor. It also supports the same classical unlocking methods which the P30 Pro has such as pattern and passcode.

iPhone 11 also includes the U1 ultra-broadband chip like other 2019 Apple smartphones. Thanks to this chip used for spatial awareness, iPhone 11 can detect other iPhones in the environment according to their direction. You can see the difference between this chip in AirDrop. If you have an iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro around, you can speed up file sharing with AirDrop by turning your phone towards its side. We estimate that this chip will be used in different areas in the future.

As of ports, the device supports Bluetooth 5 and NFC. It supports VoLTE and WiFi Calling. The device comes with a USB-C port, which helps in quick charing. It doesn't support a 3.5mm headphone jack.

iPhone 11: Display, Price, and Specifications in 2019.

Battery and Charging.

 iPhone 11  comprises a powerful Li-Ion battery with a capacity of 3110mAh.  There is a slight increase in capacity compared to the iPhone XR's battery with a capacity of 2942 mAh. The iPhone XR delighted us with its battery performance, delivering more than a day in normal intensity use. And the phone offers fast charging.

We see that the iPhone 11 also offers a slightly better performance than it. Even if you use your iPhone 11 extensively during the day, we think the phone will be able to handle it easily on a single charge from morning to night. With a little more sparing use, it will be possible to reach a use of 1.5 to 2 days.

Apple added an 18W charging adapter to the box of iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max models. However, iPhone 11 owners are still waiting for the classic 5W charging adapter. Also add the USB-Lightning adapter we've seen in boxes for a long time. This duo takes a long time to charge the iPhone 11. In the test we conducted, we saw that only around 30 percent charge occurred in an hour. It takes over two hours to reach full occupancy. However, you need an adapter that supports fast charging in iPhone 11 but offers higher power output to benefit from this support. The 18W charging adapter is one of the options, but you can also choose the 30W charging adapter. Of course, you should also buy a USB-C to Lightning cable. In this case, you may need to spend around 40-50USD to take advantage of fast charging.

With the charge test we conducted with the 29W USB-C power adapter we have, we have seen that we can reach up to 85 percent charge in one hour. However, reaching full capacity takes two hours. This is also normal because the charging speed decreases as the battery reaches its full charge. Wireless charging support is also available. You can use a charging adapter that supports the Qi wireless charging protocol. Wireless charging is slower than charging with a cable. However, it is very practical to charge it overnight. If you have time, wireless charging will also be a convenient charging method. Of course, this requires additional investment.

iPhone 11: Display, Price, and Specifications in 2019.


 iPhone 11  goes with the similar 12 Pixel dual-camera on the rear as clarified: 12Mp ( ultrawide with f\2.4),12MP( wide with f\1.8), and 12MP. iPhone 11 has a 12MP wide front-facing camera with an f\2.2 and SL 3D biometrics sensor.

This year, we see Apple doubling the number of cameras on the back with the iPhone 11. The previously missing telephoto lens is still not included. Instead, Apple also includes the ultra-wide-angle lens on the iPhone 11, which it added to the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max. Apple must think, like Google, that people tend to take more wide-angle photos than zoom. In fact, they are not wrong, nowadays people take and share group photos or landscape photos more. In such an environment, the ultra-wide-angle lens will respond better to the needs.

Apple has also overhauled the interface of the Camera application in the iPhone 11 series. Like timer, filters; The previously foreground controls have been moved in, while new settings such as aspect ratio and shutter speed have been added. In addition, even when shooting with a wide-angle lens, you can see the image provided by the ultra-wide-angle lens in the slightly transparent area beyond the frame. In this way, you can switch to 0.5x mode, ie ultra-wide-angle camera, by clicking the 1x button to the left of the capture button whenever you need it. By the way, if you enable it from within the Camera settings, you can also record the image of the ultra-wide-angle camera while shooting with the wide-angle camera. The information of this additional shot is also used in photo editing works.

The photos taken in ideal lighting conditions with the iPhone 11 are extremely satisfying. Color vibrancy and brightness are at a high level. Intelligent HDR also does its job well, even in photographs with over-lit and shaded areas, details are not missed and a balanced appearance is captured. From this point of view, we see that the iPhone 11 is in line with the 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max. The iPhone 11 also does a good job in macro shots.

 automatically activated by detecting the ambient light intensity. You can see that the night mode is turned on with the yellow night mode icon appearing next to the flash icon. It looks like how many seconds the exposure will take depending on the light conditions. You can further increase the exposure time by changing the setting you see next to the shutter button after pressing this icon. As the exposure time increases, more light can be captured, but you need to keep the iPhone 11 more steady.

The Night mode on this phone also gives the same level of results as the iPhone 11 Pro. Even in a photo taken in a dark room, the colors are clearly displayed and the noise is very low. We estimate that iPhone 11 owners will do interesting things in low light or dark environments thanks to night mode.

iPhone 11 now gets help from the second camera in taking portrait photos. In this way, it recognizes not only the human face, but also animals or inanimate objects, and takes photos of them with a blurred background. However, the subject is a little behind compared to the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max. The effect of the lack of the telephoto lens is reflected in this way. Still, Portrait mode works satisfactorily. Thanks to Portrait Light, you can create different works.

On the front is a 12-megapixel, f / 2.2 selfie camera, just like the iPhone 11 Pro. Thanks to the increased resolution, it is possible to take sharper and more detailed selfie photos. In addition, since a lens with a wider angle of view is used, it becomes even more ideal for taking group selfie photos. In portrait mode, you can take pictures in which not only you but also the friends next to you are clear and the rest of the background is blurred. iPhone 11 performs very well in recognizing faces.

Another innovation that comes to the front camera in the iPhone 11 is Slofie. In fact, we see that Slow Motion mode works on the front camera. Slofies, a word derived from combining the words selfie-and slow motion, are HD slow-motion videos created at 120 frames per second. You can use slow-motion mode to add some excitement and fun to your selfies. The results are good, the front camera looks good at creating stable slow-motion videos.

Continuing from the video side, Apple offers the possibility to shoot 4K video with any camera. Moreover, you can shoot 4K video at 60 frames per second. The wide-angle main camera enables super-steady shots with the help of optical image stabilization and software. As we have experienced with the iPhone 11 Pro Max, it is possible to shoot videos that are not affected by hand movements or shaking, and where the effects of sudden movements are eliminated, giving the feeling of a professional video camera. If you are shooting 4K video, you cannot switch between the two cameras on the back while shooting. However, there is such a possibility when recording in HD. The white balance and brightness of the cameras are consistent, but lens transitions will not escape careful eyes. The sound recording of the environment is also performed in a very high quality.
iPhone 11: Display, Price, and Specifications in 2019.


iPhone XR attracted a lot of attention and appreciation. iPhone 11 continues this line as well. The 6.1-inch screen of this phone, which is not different from its predecessor in terms of design and feel, allows you to control the phone easily and to get a smooth visual experience. Thanks to the Apple A13 Bionic, it is possible to achieve current levels of performance. In the coming years, we think that iPhone 11 users will benefit from their phones without significant performance degradation until a new phone is purchased.

The battery life, which takes a day out easily, is one of the aspects of the iPhone 11 that we like. It would be nice if an 18W charging adapter came out of the box instead of a 5W charging adapter. But for those who switch from an old iPhone to iPhone 11, not much will change. If you want fast charging, you can get the necessary equipment with a little more investment. It is also nice to have wireless charging facilities.

iPhone 11 works efficiently thanks to iOS 13. Dark mode is very useful and positively contributes to battery life. The broad application and game ecosystem is one of the strengths of the iPhone 11.

The area where the iPhone 11 has made the greatest progress compared to its predecessor iPhone XR is the camera system. The main camera shows its difference especially in low light environments and night shots. On the other hand, we see the effect of Apple's current camera developments in the photos we took. The ultra-wide-angle lens will also make you more comfortable especially in landscape and group shots, which will contribute to a different camera experience. What do you think? Does this iPhone worth a try? Do you recommend it? Share your knowledge with us.

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