TCL 10L: Quick Review

TCL 10L: Quick Review

TCL 10L: Quick Review

TCL 10L: Quick Review

TCL introduced its new smartphones with its own brand in 2020. Defined as an "affordable" member of this group, TCL 10L manages to attract attention with its high-quality display besides its stylish design according to its class.

TCL, which has been producing phones for other companies for many years, now appears in the smartphone market with the devices it uses its own brand. The company, which started this journey with TCL Plex, immediately took action to create a comprehensive portfolio for itself. Developed as the “budget-friendly device” in this portfolio, the TCL 10L tries to stand out from its influential competitors in a very crowded market. In this article, we will give you a quick review regarding the TCL 10L.


TCL 10L: Quick Review

 Design & Display.

  It can be easily said that the TCL 10L, which is defined as an "affordable phone", looks like a very stylish device from a distance. However, a closer look and handheld reveals that the TCL 10L is not a top-class phone. The plastic back panel stands out as the most important cause of this situation. Still, it's worth noting that the curved and shiny back panel is pleasing to the eye.

Two different color options are available for TCL 10L, Mariana Blue and Polar White. It can be said that the Polar White TCL 10L, which came to our test center, was also successful in giving the stylish first impression we mentioned above. Fingerprints can be seen quite clearly on the plastic back panel. Still, it is possible to describe this as a compromise for stylish looks. It is also worth noting that a protective transparent case came from the box of the smartphone.

91 percent of the front panel of the TCL 10L is covered by the 6.53-inch screen. The thin bezels surrounding the screen and the placement of the front camera in the cutout on the screen enable this impressive screen-to-body ratio. While the lower bezel of the screen is a bit thicker than the other sides, the handset speaker of the phone is also camouflaged on the upper frame. Let us state that we will talk about the details of the screen in the following sections.

3.5 mm at the top edge of TCL 10L. It has a headphone jack and a microphone. Although the number of manufacturers giving up headphone jacks in the smartphone market is quite high; TCL doesn't give up on the headphone jack. In the TCL Plex, the headphone jack welcomed users in the same place.

On the left side of the phone, the slot that hosts the microSD and nano-SIM card tray and the button called Smart Key by TCL welcomes the users. We will also mention the details of the Smart Switch, which TCL allows us to function differently, in the following sections of the review.

On the right side of the TCL 10L, there are the power button and volume control keys like many smartphones. On the lower edge are two speaker grilles and the USB-C port in the middle of them. Only the right one comes out of these grids. The function of the grid on the left does not go beyond providing visuality.

When moving to the rear panel of the TCL 10L, the first thing that strikes the eye is the four-sensor camera system placed horizontally in the upper middle. Each of these quartet has an LED flash on both sides. The square-shaped fingerprint scanner is placed a little under this system. In the middle of the panel, the TCL logo is visible. It is worth noting that we will talk about the fingerprint scanner in the following sections.

The most beautiful aspect of the TCL 10L's design is the lightness of the device. The phone, which weighs only 180 grams on the scale, is easily held in the hand and does not make you feel a problem when carried in a pocket. It is worth noting that the TCL 10L is also very comfortable to use with one hand.

 As far as display is concerned, The 6.53-inch screen is among the most important features of the TCL 10L. Being one of the largest television manufacturers in the world, TCL seems to have succeeded in reflecting its experience on the 10L screen. Even the TCL 10L, an affordable phone, offers a top-notch screen performance.

It should be said that Nxtvision technology plays an important role here. This technology converts standard dynamic range (SDR) to high dynamic range (HDR); It offers brighter shadows, more contrast, and more vibrant colors in real-time.

The brightness and color temperature of the TCL 10L's display can be adjusted automatically according to the environment. In addition, the Reading mode, which can be activated through the Nxtvision menu, offers users an on-screen experience that feels like reading an e-book. This mode can be set to run automatically on selected apps. When reading mode is activated, the screen appears to have a yellow, papery tone.

The blue light filter, now found in every smartphone, is offered under the name of Ease-of-Eye Mode in TCL 10L. Users can set this mode to work on a certain schedule. It is also worth noting that the dark mode, which is now available on many phones, also welcomes users in TCL 10L.

All these features create a high-level viewing experience for an affordable phone. Videos on YouTube or TV series on Netflix can be enjoyed on the TCL 10L's big screen. The sharpness of the colors does not tire the eyes.

There is also no problem with seeing the TCL 10L's screen outside in sunlight. As we mentioned before, the brightness level of the screen is automatically adjusted according to the environment.

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TCL 10L: Quick Review

  Operating System and Process.

 The phone offers extremely fast and powerful processors.  TCL 10L offers a good processor for daily use. The TCL 10L is powered by the Snapdragon 660 processor. It can be said that the TCL 10L has a performance that can easily see the work of an average smartphone user. Frequently used applications such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, and Netflix are launched on TCL 10L without any hitches. Although we occasionally encounter some hang-ups while playing Call of Duty: Mobile, it should be underlined that this is a result of the heavy system usage of the game.

TCL 10L's 6 GB RAM capacity provides users with significant advantages in multitasking. Many applications can be run simultaneously on the smartphone without any problems. It is not necessary to constantly close applications running in the background.

 Regarding the GPU, TCL 10L has the Adreno 618.

  In Geekbench 5, the CPU scored 313 for single-core and 1000 for multicores.

 According to the operating system, the TCL 10L comes with an Android 10 operating system. Complementing this operating system is the TCL UI user interface. Similar to the pure Android experience, the TCL UI promises users a completely different experience in some areas. Thanks to the presence of the TCL UI, TCL 10L offers users wide horizons for customization.

Before diving deep into TCL 10L's interface, it is useful to look at the Google folder that we encounter on every Android phone. There are applications such as Gmail, Google Drive, YouTube, and Google Photos in the Google folder on the home screen of TCL 10L. However, Google signed pre-installed applications in TCL 10L are not limited to these.

Applications such as Assistant, Duo, Contacts, Messages, Chrome, Keep Notes are among the software that welcome users in TCL 10L. Some of these applications function as default solutions in TCL 10L. For example, phone contacts are accessed through Google's Contacts app. In addition, Google's Android Messages application is also used for Messages.

TCL has also positioned Google Chrome as its main internet browser. However, TCL's own web browser is also available on the phone. In short, there is a choice for users.

The number of preloaded applications on the TCL 10L is quite high. There are many tools offered by TCL on both the home screen and the app drawer. However, the lack of a compact presentation of these tools makes the TCL 10L's main screen looks a bit crowded.

In the Tools folder on the main screen of TCL 10L, there are applications such as Calculator, Weather, Voice Recorder, Radio. The Change Phone application, which allows the data from the old phone to quickly transfer to TCL 10L, also welcomes users in this folder. It is also worth noting that data transfer can be done from the TCL 10L to another phone.

We mentioned before that the TCL 10L's main screen is quite crowded. It could be said that some of the tools that create this crowd are really unnecessary. The "Lock" icon stands out as the most unnecessary member of this group. When this icon is touched, the screen of the phone locks and turns off. The same can be done by tapping the phone's power button.

A similar situation is also valid for the Optimizer icon on the home screen. Tapping this icon optimizes the performance of the phone. However, the same can be done through the Smart Manager application, which can also be accessed on the home screen. In short, it can be said that an unnecessary density is created on the home screen.

One of the applications that welcomes users in TCL 10L is Microsoft News application. This application allows users to quickly access news in categories that interest them. Facebook, Netflix, and are also in the TCL 10L's pre-installed range of apps.

It can be said that TCL, 10L adds a lot of comments to the user interface. The effects of this interpretation are especially felt in the application drawer. In the drawer, applications meet the users grouped under various categories. For example, under the contact heading, there are applications such as Facebook, Gmail, Google Duo, and Contacts. Applications such as Spotify, Netflix, Shazam, YouTube are sent to the media category. An interesting category such as public services was preferred for applications such as Chrome, Drive, and Keep Notes.

There are also different options for those who do not like sorting by category. If they wish, users can arrange this drawer according to name, label, frequency of use, and even icon color.

The App Replicator feature is also available on many Android phones. However, this feature is offered in a slightly more advanced form in TCL 10L. On many phones, the application replicator's support area is limited to applications such as Facebook and Instagram. However, in TCL 10L, this opportunity can also be used for applications such as WhatsApp, Snapchat and Skype.

TCL's Smart Switch feature previously offered in TCL Plex also welcomes users in TCL 10L. This key, located on the left side of the phone, has a similar function to the Assistant key on Bixby on Samsung phones and some other Android phones. Different tasks can be loaded for pressing the Smart Switch key once, double pressing and long pressing.

For example, one press of this key can launch Google Assistant. Pressing twice can be used to activate Nxtvision. A long press can open Spotify. It should be noted that all of these functions can be personalized at the request of the users. The Smart Switch can also be set to perform device optimization or take a screenshot. In short, this capability of TCL 10L allows accessing frequently used applications or features in the fastest way.

The TCL 10L also has a Super Bluetooth feature that allows you to connect the phone to multiple audio devices simultaneously.


TCL 10L: Quick Review

 Storage, Price, and available colors.

  TCL 10L price depends on the selected variant. The basic and variant  of the Redmi Note 9 Pro with 6GB RAM and 64GB variant, it will cost you 233.00USD AliExpress. The variant with 6GB RAM and 128GB variant, unfortunately, we have no idea how much it might cost. It supports either 2 SIM cards or 1 SD card up to 256GB. It is available in Mariana Blue, and Polar colors.


TCL 10L: Quick Review

Security and Ports.

  On the security side, TCL 10L offers users two different solutions for biometric security. The first of these is the face recognition feature. It should be noted that the facial recognition performance of the TCL 10L is not that bright. For example, sunglasses that do not interfere with face recognition on other phones can prevent the TCL 10L from operating face recognition. In addition, the face recognition feature of the TCL 10L does not work in very dark environments.

The fingerprint scanner in the middle of the back panel works very well, unlike the face recognition feature. Easily accessible with the index fingers of both hands, the scanner quickly unlocks the screen after detecting the fingerprint. It can be said that it is important that the TCL 10L carry a well-functioning fingerprint scanner these days when we use masks while out. The phone also supports classical unlocking methods such as pattern and passcode.

  As for ports, the device supports Bluetooth 5 and NFC. It supports VoLTE and WiFi Calling. It also has support for a 3.5mm headphone jack like the Realme 6 Pro.


TCL 10L: Quick Review

 Battery and charging.

 TCL 10L is not the best battery performance among TCL's 2020 model phones. However, this does not mean that the device is behind the TCL 10 Pro. The 4000 mAh battery provides the energy that the smartphone needs.

This capacity is more than enough for the phone to take out a day. Even in a heavy usage scenario where activities like browsing social media apps, surfing the internet, making a few phone calls, texting a little, listening to music on Spotify, watching videos for a while on YouTube or Netflix and playing Call of Duty: Mobile for half an hour, the TCL 10L can complete the day.

In cases where the usage intensity decreases, TCL 10L's battery lasts longer. In lower-density scenarios, the TCL 10L's battery life is based on a 36-hour limit.

TCL 10L does not have a fast charging feature. Therefore, a little patience is required for the phone's battery to be fully charged. The fully discharged battery is 100 percent charged in about 2.5 hours. To see the 50 percent occupancy rate, it is necessary to wait about 1 hour.


TCL 10L: Quick Review


TCL 10Lhas a- quad-camera on the rear as clarified: 64MP ( wide with f\1.8), 8Mp ( ultrawide with f\1.9), 2MP(macro with f\2.4), and 2MP( for depth). TCL 10L has a single front-facing camera, 16MP ( wide with f\2.5 ). The cameras come with LED flash, AI support, and HDR. HDR technology will help you when there's sunlight behind you. HDR will edit the photo and balance the brightness. 

The TCL 10L's camera system performs well, except for some latency issues. It is possible to take very good photos, especially in daylight and in areas with plenty of light. People and objects look sharp and colors look vivid in these environments. Really impressive close-ups can also be taken with the macro lens. However, it should be noted that the detailed performance of the macro lens is not great.

Although the TCL 10L's main camera has a resolution of 48 megapixels, it takes 12-megapixel resolution photos by default. To take 48 megapixel photos, it is enough to switch to the High Pixel option from the menu titled Other in the camera interface.

When this mode is switched, the time to take the photo is a little longer and the result is not much different. Therefore, it can be said that sticking to the standard resolution of 12 megapixels is the right choice.

TCL paid special attention tonight shots at Plex. TCL 10L has a more standard approach in this regard. The noise effect can be felt very intensely in photos taken in dark environments with a phone that does not have a special camera or mode for night shots. In addition, it is not easy to focus on night shots.

TCL 10L ReviewIn TCL 10L's camera application, the feature of adding watermarks to the lower-left corner of the photos is turned on. Users can turn this off via the camera's settings menu. It wouldn't be wrong to say that TCL's insistence on auto-adding the watermark doesn't seem too good.

The front of the TCL 10L is a 16-megapixel camera. This camera can also take pictures that can be described as "reasonable" in good light conditions. The performance of the front camera also changes depending on the light quality in the environment.

4K video can be recorded with the TCL 10L's rear camera.


TCL 10L: Quick Review


It is worth reminding once again that TCL 10L has a stylish design according to the standards of the group it is in. Despite the plastic preference for the back panel, the phone looks pretty cool at first glance. The fact that it does not feel heavy in the hand is among the points that give TCL 10L plus points.

The screen performance stands out as the strongest aspect of TCL 10L. It is possible to see the reflections of TCL's experience in television production here, too. Watching something or playing games on the TCL 10L's screen is really enjoyable. It is also useful to remind that there are many opportunities available to users to personalize the screen experience.

Among the points where the TCL 10L lacks, the first thing that strikes the eye is the camera performance. Although the camera does a good job in suitable lighting conditions, photos taken in different scenarios have a drop in quality. It is necessary to say that there is a slowness in the operation of the camera application. It takes a little longer than usual to capture the picture after pressing the shutter button.

Still, it can be said that the TCL 10L has done a job that will not let the average smartphone user down with its overall performance. The phone, which can launch important applications quickly, does not have any problems with multitasking. The TCL 10L is among the “affordable” devices that can be considered, especially for those who frequently watch something on the phone. What do you think? Have you used a smartphone? Do you recommend it? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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