Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite: Display, Price, and Specifications in 2019.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite: Display, Price, and Specifications in 2019.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite: Display, Price, and Specifications in 2019.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite: Display, Price, and Specifications in 2019.

Although Samsung has created a different user experience for smartphones with its Galaxy Note series, other manufacturers have not taken this road much. We just remember that LG had a few tries. However, Samsung also kept the members of the Note series at the upper class level, restricting everyone's easy access to these phones. If you wanted a phone where you would take notes and draw with the S Pen capacitive stylus, you had to pay a pretty high amount. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite after a long timeIt reduced the possibility of using the S Pen to a much more convenient level. In an environment where the price of the Galaxy Note 10 starts at a point close to 500USD, the Galaxy Note 10 Lite provides the opportunity to use the S Pen at half the price of 250USD and benefit from what it offers. Of course, some compromises have to be made in return.  In this article, we will give you a quick review regarding the Note 10 Lite.

Note 10 Lite: Display, Price, and Specifications in 2019.


Design & Display.

 Galaxy Note 10 Lite has a body that combines glass and plastic. In this respect, it has the air of a Galaxy A series phone, just like the Galaxy S10 Lite. The 8.7-millimeter thick body is 199g. have weight. With these values, it remains within reasonable limits for a smartphone. The frame surrounding the 6.7-inch screen is not large, which makes the surface area of ​​the phone smaller than normal. As a result, Galaxy Note 10 Lite is an ergonomic phone and it is possible to perform many operations easily with one hand.

Even though it's a phone made of plastic in general, the Galaxy Note 10 Lite feels like a solid phone. It lacks water and dust resistance. For this reason, it is useful to be careful in the rain or by the sea. Samsung has placed the screen protector film on the phone screen from the very beginning. Thus, there will be no need to incur additional costs to protect the screen.

On the bottom edge is the USB-C port, microphone, speaker, and S Pen slot. We see that the Galaxy Note 10 Lite has a 3.5mm headphone jack, while the Galaxy S10 Lite is absent. For those who are undecided between these two models with a close price, this difference may be effective. There is a second microphone on the upper edge. On the right side, we see the volume keys and the power button. The keys have good depth, but also neither too hard nor too soft. It can also be used easily by hand. On the left side, we see the nano SIM card and microSD card tray. You can also use a second line Galaxy Note 10 Lite by sacrificing the memory card.

On the front, the screen design Samsung calls the Infinite-O is used. There is a camera hole centered on the top of this screen, which we also see in other members of the Note 10 series, and there is a selfie camera. The camera hole has been kept as small as possible. Thus, there is not much trouble in the full-screen view. The screen is flat, not curved like the more expensive members of the Note 10 series. On the back, we see three cameras placed in a rectangular shaped camera module in the upper left corner. The camera module does not look very attractive, but its very little outward leakage is a plus.

 As far as display is concerned, Samsung Note 10 Lite comes with a 6.7 Super AMOLED display.  It also called and it is called Infinity-O Display due to the punch hole camera design. It occupies 86.6% of the front of the device. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite has 1080 x 2400 resolution with 393 PPi. The screen is very similar to the screen of the A71. Wide viewing angles, high brightness, and comfortable use outside are among the features of the screen. The black color depth of the screen is high and the contrast is good. Vivid colors are also offered, as a classic of Super AMOLED displays. If you want, you can adjust the color temperature of the screen, in other words, the white balance, according to your wishes.

Galaxy Note 10 Lite's screen offers more than enough space to browse the web and use apps. The responsiveness of the screen is also good, there is no stuttering in scrolling and dragging. In this respect, we also found the fluency good. The screen also meets the needs of watching movies or TV series on Netflix or browsing YouTube videos. In short, this screen is enough for a good visual experience.

There is a single speaker on the lower edge, and this speaker provides a loud enough sound for a smartphone. When you watch videos on YouTube or want to listen to music with your friends, this speaker will be enough. The presence of the 3.5mm jack will make your hand comfortable to use the headset you want. Note that there is also support for Dolby Atmos.

Of course, beyond the efficiency feature we mentioned above, the main attractive point for those who will prefer Note 10 Lite will be the S Pen. The S Pen, which is easily removed from its slot in the lower right corner of the phone, is one step lower than the Note 10 and 10 Plus models in terms of material quality and feel, but it is satisfying enough in terms of features and performance.

The S Pen on the Note 10 Lite also has Bluetooth connectivity and an internal battery. Using the pen like a remote control, you can quickly switch to the previous and next content in the gallery or presentations. You can also use it as a remote control in the camera application. In YouTube and various applications, various operations can be performed by pressing the button on the S Pen one or two times. However, there is no feature introduced with the Galaxy Note 10 series in the middle of last year, such as moving the pen in the air and performing certain movements.

You can take quick notes on the closed screen by removing the S Pen from its slot while the screen is off, and store them in the Samsung Notes app. You can also access the Contactless Command screen when you remove the pen while the screen is on. Here, too, there are practical S Pen tools such as note creation, smart selection, screen annotation that we have seen on previous Galaxy Note series phones. We also see fun tools like Live messages and AR Scribble. The Flip tool also remains a useful S Pen feature.

The S Pen is very comfortable to use in Note 10 Lite, and tasks such as writing and drawing can be done like a pencil. The Samsung Notes app is at the center of taking notes and drawing with the S Pen. Accuracy is high in translating handwritten notes into plain text. In addition, the feature of searching in handwritten notes is among the features offered by Note 10 Lite. In short, the S Pen experience in Galaxy Note 10 Lite manages to be largely on par with its more expensive siblings.

Note 10 Lite: Display, Price, and Specifications in 2019.

 Operating System and Process.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite offers a  good processor for daily use. The Note 10 Lite powered by the Samsung Exynos 9810. It comes with 8 cores and 10nm build.

Regarding the GPU, Samsung Galaxy Lite has the Mali-G72 MP18. In Geekbench 5, the CPU scored 665 for single-core and 1947 for multicores

PUBG started with high settings, and the smoothness was good. The device supports Game Booster Mode, where it helps you manage the battery performance while gaming. You can also check the device temperature, record the screen while playing to share it with others.

According to the operating system, Samsung introduced the Galaxy Note 10 Lite with Android 10 and One UI 2 user interface. With a recent update, most of the innovations we saw with the S20 series came to Note 10 Lite. For example, the Samsung Daily panel at the far left of the main screen is one of them. Apart from that, called Quick Share. A sharing tool similar to AirDrop on the devices of the company and offering practical sharing opportunity also met with Galaxy Note 10 Lite owners. Apart from this, many Samsung, Google and Microsoft applications are installed on the Note 10 Lite as well as the Samsung Galaxy phones we have seen before. You can also download apps and games from Galaxy Store or Google Play. You can differentiate the look of the user interface with themes.

Samsung made it easy to connect to Windows PCs with the Note 10 series. You can take advantage of this facility in Note 10 Lite. After installing the Your Phone Companion application on your PC, you can turn on the Connect to Windows option from Quick Settings, and you can mirror the notifications and messages received on the Note 10 Lite to the computer. You can also manage the user interface from your computer.

Note 10 Lite: Display, Price, and Specifications in 2019.

Storage, Price, and available colors.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite price depends on the selected variant. The basic variant of the Samsung 10 Lite with 6GB RAM and 128GB variant, it will cost you around 333.90USD on Amazon. The variant with 8GB RAM and 128GB variant, it will cost 450.00USD on AliExpress. It supports either 2 SIM cards or 1 SD card up to 512GB. It is available in Aura Glow, Aura Black, and Aura Red colors. 

Note 10 Lite: Display, Price, and Specifications in 2019.

Security and Ports.

 On the security side, we see the in-screen fingerprint reader. The speed and responsiveness of this unit is good. The hit rate is high in one shot, so it is possible to bypass the locked screen quickly. There is also face recognition and it provides more comfortable use. However, we usually used the in-screen fingerprint reader and we were satisfied with it. The phone also supports the classical unlocking methods such as pattern and passcode.

 As of ports, the device supports Bluetooth 5 and NFC. It supports VoLTE and WiFi Calling. It also supports a 3.5mm headphone jack. 

Note 10 Lite: Display, Price, and Specifications in 2019.

Battery and charging.

 Samsung Galaxy  Note 10 Lite provides a powerful Li-Po 4500mAh battery. It is the same battery capacity you can find in the A71 and the S20 Plus. And the phone offers fast charging.

In this respect, it is at the same level as the S10 Lite. The box comes with a 25W fast charging adapter. In this way, it is possible to reach up to 50 percent occupancy in half an hour. It takes 70-80 minutes for the battery to reach full charge. Wireless charging feature is not available on this phone. Galaxy Note 10 Lite exhibits solid battery performance. With a fully charged battery, a performance that can easily exceed a day is achieved. It will provide a daily use in practice, from morning to evening, even in the use of games such as playing games and videos. Watching YouTube videos with 60 percent screen brightness and Wi-Fi connection results in an 8 percent battery consumption per hour. The standby time of the phone is also long if rarely use it,

Note 10 Lite: Display, Price, and Specifications in 2019.


 Samsung Note 10 Lite has 12- triple-camera on the rear just like the iPhone 11 Pro Max as clarified: 12Mp ( wide with f\1.7),12MP( ultrawide with f\2.2, 12MP( telephoto with f\2.4). Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite has a 32MP wide front-facing camera with f\2.2. The cameras come with LED flash, AI support, and HDR. HDR technology will help you when there's sunlight behind you. HDR will edit the photo and balance the brightness.

In still, By day, the result is quite good. The scene turns out to be correctly rendered despite flashy colors and exaggerated accentuation - once is not customary at Samsung. He bowed to the excellent Mi Note 10 from Xiaomi which offers a better dive.

At night, the result is half-tone with a correct white balance, but colors drowning in electronic noise. The smoothing is perhaps not as important as on the Xiaomi Mi Note 10, but the loss of information is equivalent. A big advantage for the Galaxy Note 10 on the other hand in terms of execution speed. Reading the Exifs thus shows us a controlled rise in ISO (1000 ISO) and a shot captured in 1/10 of a second, a little faster than that of the Galaxy Note 10 on the same exercise.

  Ultra-wide shots, By day, the ultra-wide-angle module offers results very close to those of the main module. We observe an Instagram ready result or almost, with salient colors and a discernible accentuation. Xiaomi's Mi Note 10 will be a bit more realistic on this point. Note that it is necessary to go through the settings of the photo application to correct the deformation of the frame on the Galaxy Note 10 Lite.

At night, the images taken out by the ultra-wide-angle module are vaguely usable. Electronic noise fills the stage, masking the colors for a result that is far from flattering. But remember, few smartphones succeed in this exercise.

Note 10 Lite: Display, Price, and Specifications in 2019.

As for the telephoto, By day, the results obtained with the 2x telephoto module is rather convincing. We obtain a realistic scene, rather well balanced with colors always a little too flashy, but especially an exaggerated accentuation coming to make up for the lack of sharpness.

Like many of its competitors, the Galaxy Note 10 Lite switches to the main module at night. We were unable to test the 2x telephoto module against our night scene. Unsurprisingly, the result is drowned out in noise and image processing.

The selfies, It remains interesting but retains its tendency to smooth the skin too much.

 The portrait mode ensures a rather effective cutting of the subject. However, it will be necessary to put up with an image treatment that smooths the skin a lot, even when all the beauty options are deactivated.

 video shooting, The Galaxy Note 10 Lite is capable of running at 4K 60 fps, and it does so without too much hassle. However, we advise you to stay in 1080p. 

Note 10 Lite: Display, Price, and Specifications in 2019.


Samsung appeals to those who want both a new and affordable S Pen phone with the Galaxy Note 10 Lite. Due to the high price of Note 10 and Note 10 Plus, these phones are not so easy to access. Galaxy Note 10 Lite is a good alternative here. Users can access most of the functions offered with the S Pen. Also, the precision and speed of the pen is good. It manages to deliver a solid Note experience expected from Samsung.

Although not at the top-class phone level in terms of material and feel, the Galaxy Note 10 Lite, which is a value for money phone with its durability and quality, is also an ergonomic phone. It will not cause much trouble both when using and carrying it in a pocket. The Super AMOLED screen is enough to provide a good experience in terms of both visual quality and size. Likewise, the battery won't let users down. Moreover, fast charging support can be considered as a plus on the battery side.
While Samsung features the Snapdragon 855 in the Galaxy S10 Lite, this phone has a processor such as the Exynos 9810 that is a few months older and offers lower performance. If you do not deal with things like playing games or editing videos on a smartphone very often, the difference won't matter much. Moreover, Exynos 9810 also manages to deliver sufficient performance for most businesses and games.

The software is also one of the important pluses. Samsung has already presented this phone with Android 10 and OneUI 2. Not long after, the software features offered with the S20 series arrived. OneUI is a user interface that provides good use on the big screen, so Note 10 Lite users will be comfortable. The camera basically meets the needs. Although it's not a very high camera experience, the Note 10 Lite manages to take photos and videos that are worth its price. What do you think? Have you used the smartphone? Do you recommend it? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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