Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e: Price, Design and Specifications in 2019.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e: Price, Design and Specifications in 2019.

 Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e: Price, Design and Specifications in 2019.

 Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e: Price, Design, and Specifications in 2019.

It has become customary to say that the tablet market is going through hard times, their sales are declining. The reason for this is that tablets are successfully replacing smartphones with large screen sizes and long life of older tablets. It so happened that the scenarios for using tablets make them devices out of time - they watch movies, browse web pages, play and much less often work fully, using all the possibilities to the fullest. The life cycle of smartphones is maximum, they are used until they are broken or they simply do not become obsolete. And this is a problem for the sale of new devices, there is nothing in tablets that will force people to change an old device for a new one. Yes, performance improves, screens get better, software versions are updated, but all this fades into the background, since the use cases for most remain the same. A mass, typical buyer chooses a tablet at the moment and does it according to quite predictable parameters - he is interested in design, device capabilities, plus the overall price / quality ratio.

In 2019, Samsung did something unusual: instead of updating its flagship Tab S4, they first released the Tab S5e, in which they implemented the concept of a successful product with an advantageous price / quality ratio. The model was created for the buyer who is not looking for the very best characteristics, but buys a tablet for the maximum period, while using it typically - movies, games, browsing the web, and so on. This does not mean at all that there are performance flaws, it is more likely that the chipset was not set to the maximum in terms of capabilities, since for most it will be useless most of the time. For a couple of months with the tablet. In this article, we will provide you with a quick review regarding Samsung Tab S5e.  

 Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e: Price, Design and Specifications in 2019.

Design & Display.

The first thing that distinguishes the tablet is that it is very thin: the thickness of the case is 5.5 mm, the weight is 400 grams. It is impossible to call it very light and weightless, but hands do not get tired of holding the tablet even when watching several episodes of some movie.

Please note that the antenna inserts are visible on the back surface, they are distributed closer to the edges of the tablet. The display has narrow bezels, but their very presence is a plus, in the tablet it is possible to accidentally press the screen if the bezels are minimal or completely absent.

There is a USB Type C connector on the bottom end, a microphone on the opposite side, and another on the side. There is also a paired volume control key, as well as an on / off button, a fingerprint sensor is also inscribed in it.

 As far as display is concerned, Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e comes with a 10.5 Super AMOLED display which is the same display that the A51 has. The screen occupies 81.6% of the front of the device. Samsung Galaxy S5e has a resolution (1600x2500) with 288 PPI.

This is an excellent display, simply the best in its class, it has no direct competitors. Adaptive brightness, color temperature and other settings let you choose how the colors on the screen appear for you.

Many people consider AMOLED screens to be poisonous in color for old memory, but their color accuracy is high, which means that there is no talk of any toxicity, this is a perfectly tuned matrix, you can watch movies with good quality. In short, everything is fine here - resolution, brightness, colors, viewing angles. In its price segment, this is one of the best displays, there are no alternatives as such.

Unlike the older model S4, as well as the S5, the S5e does not support S Pen, you can use third-party styluses, but there is no additional layer in the screen, the accuracy will be normal, not high, the degree of pressure will also not be recognized. Keep this in mind if you need a drawing tablet.

It doesn't matter if you have an HDMI cable or a keyboard case, you can still directly connect a wireless keyboard, mouse to the tablet and turn on DeX mode. In fact, this is the use of a tablet with a DeX interface, which is as much like a computer as possible and allows you to work comfortably in different windows, a kind of work mode. Our phones are used in our DeX station, and this is very good, since they provide ample opportunities, in particular, we connect different peripherals this way. And this tablet is no exception, you can get exactly the same features in it. It's a workhorse, but only for those who need it.

There are four speakers at the ends (tuned by AKG); the sound that the tablet gives out is very loud, and in most situations you crank it not to the maximum, as in other devices, but by about 65-70%.

 Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e: Price, Design and Specifications in 2019.

Operating System and Processor.

Samsung Galaxy S5e powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 670. It comes with 8 cores and 10nm build.

As for the Tab S5e GPU, The GPU is the Adreno 615. In Geekbench 5 the CPU scored 1676 points for single-core and 5740 points for multicores.

PUBG started with high settings, and the smoothness was good. As the Tab S6 Lite the device comes with Game Booster mode, which increases the performance of the device for gaming. With this mode, you can increase the performance, save energy, or increase the performance while saving energy. This mode lets you know the temperature of the device and the RAM. You can also take screenshots or even record the screen while playing.

For ForNight, unlike on the Tab S6 Lite, the game works well even in the ultra-high settings. The performance is really smooth and acceptable. ForNight is perfect in high settings with high performance. The game works well without any leaks.

According to the operating system, The S5e runs also on Android 9.0(Pie) with One UI 2.0 from Samsung. It is light and easy to use. The UI supports dark mode, Knox, Kids Home which comes with its own UI. You can control the screen on time.

 Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e: Price, Design and Specifications in 2019.

Storage, Price, and Available Colors.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e price depends on the selected variant. The basic variant of Samsung Tab S5e with 4GB RAM and 64GB variant, it will cost you around 399.00USD (WiFi) on Amazon and have the tablet with the keyboard you need to pay extra 130USD. The variant with 6GB RAM and 128GB variant, it will cost 324.99USD instead of 549.00USD on eBay. You have a 40% discount. It supports 2 SIM cards and an SD card up to 512GB. It is available in Black, Gold, and Silver colors.

 Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e: Price, Design and Specifications in 2019.

Security and Ports.

For security, Samsung Tab S5e comes with a built-in fingerprint sensor. The performance is perfect. It also unlocks using 3D face recognition. It also supports the same classical unlocking methods which the Tab S6 Lite has such as pattern and passcode.

As of ports, the Tab S5e supports Bluetooth 5 and GPS. It also supports VoLTE and WiFi Calling, but it depends on your carrier. It comes with USB-C port and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

 Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e: Price, Design and Specifications in 2019.

Battery and Charging.

Samsung Tab S5e holds a powerful Li-Po battery with a capacity of 7040mAh for better performance. It has the same battery capacity as in SamsungTab S6. And this tablet offers fast charging.

In our opinion, battery life is the strong point of the gadget. If you turn on the video at maximum brightness and volume, you can get at least 14 hours of screen.

In real life, the tablet works for a very long time, thanks to the screen and the chipset. So, we can have it for a week, from time to time we work with it. In total, about 4-5 hours of screen work and a long run time.

And we can actively play on a tablet in Clash Royale, without headphones, with speakers that scream, and good picture detail. Then it turns out 6-9 hours, and that's quite enough.

 Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e: Price, Design and Specifications in 2019.


Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e has a single rear camera: 13MP with f\2.0. it supports the HDR and autofocus for sharper shots. You can use the camera to record a 4K video with 30fps. The Tab has an 8MP front-facing camera which also can be used to record a video with 1080@30fps.

 Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e: Price, Design and Specifications in 2019.


The S5e comes with good features for good use regarding the affordable price. For instance, it comes with the S-Pen which provides you with multiple choices to use this tablet easily. Typing experience is another wonderful feature. Using the keyboard to type gives you a feeling as if you were using a laptop. The S5e also has a huge battery which can last up to 10 hours.

Despite all the advantages which Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e hold. Some people say that it could have been better. For instance, this tablet was not meant for epic games. It will be a huge disappointment for those who love those games. They also claim that the camera shots are still needed some enhancements. What do you think? Have you lied an eye on this tablet? Do you recommend it? Can we consider the negative sides that the S5e has a great deal? Share your knowledge in the comments section below.

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