HP Specter x360: Display, Price, and Specifications in 2020.

HP Specter x360: Display, Price, and Specifications in 2020.

HP Specter x360: Display, Price, and Specifications in 2020.

HP Specter x360: Display, Price, and Specifications in 2020.

 HP aims to present the thin and light chassis in the Specter series with powerful hardware. The 2019 model HP Specter x360 continues this tradition. Specter x360, one of the best "2 in 1" laptops since its launch, offers powerful hardware with a stylish design. The number of "360" in the name of the device comes from the fact that the screen can be rotated thanks to its special hinge mechanism and can be used in tablet form. In this article, we will give you a quick review regarding the Specter x360.


HP Specter x360: Display, Price, and Specifications in 2020.

 Design & Display.

The 2019 model HP Specter x360 gets a much more striking appearance compared to its 2018 model predecessor, thanks to the small but impressive design changes. In addition, it would not be wrong to say that space management in the laptop has become more efficient thanks to these small touches.

The left and right corners of the HP Specter x360 now have a diagonal appearance. It can be easily said that this gives the Specter x360 a different and unique air. There is a power button on the left corner of the laptop. When the Specter x360 is taken out of the box for the first time, the power button may be sought for a while.

In the right corner, there is another USB-C port. The speaker grille is located above the keyboard. The speaker, which has been renewed with a smoother design, also has Bang & Olufsen's signature. The fingerprint scanner is in front of the users in the lower right corner of the keyboard.

There is a full-scale USB-A 3.1 port on the left side of the Specter x360. Still, considering that many devices are not compatible with USB-C, the presence of this port becomes more meaningful. Thanks to the standard USB port, many devices can be connected to the Specter x360 without the need for an extra accessory.

The right edge of the Specter x360 is a bit more crowded than the left edge. In addition to the USB-C port in the corner, there is also a USB-C port on the side. It can be said that placing a USB-C port in the corner is an interesting choice. However, in this way, it is possible to use both USB-C ports easily.

In addition to the USB-C ports, on the right side are the audio jack, microSD card slot, and a physical switch to physically disable the webcam. It can be said that this physical key is an addition that will be liked by users who are particularly sensitive to privacy.

As with all HP's x360 models, the Specter x360 has a 360-degree hinge that allows the screen to be rotated. Thanks to this mechanism, it is possible to use the Specter x360 as both a standard laptop and a tablet. Those who wish can use the Specter x360 in tent mode (like an inverted letter V) while watching media content. It can be said that this is a very enjoyable method to watch something.

 As far as display is concerned, The 2019 model HP Specter x360 has a much brighter and more dynamic display compared to its predecessor. The model that came to our test center has a 13.3-inch screen with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

Corning Gorilla Glass NBT glass protects this screen. It can be said that this protection is of great importance for hybrid devices that can also be used in tablet mode. There is no obvious problem in interacting with the interface while navigating with the finger on the touch screen.

The IPS panel offers users wide viewing angles. Since the screen can be used in different formats, it is important that the image quality remains the same at every angle. It can be said that HP has done a good job in this regard.

The SureView feature, which is present in almost all HP branded laptops recently released, is also available in the Specter x360. When this feature is activated, the viewing angles of the screen are greatly restricted and only the person looking directly at it can see what is on the screen. It can be easily said that this is a useful feature especially for those who use computers in public places.

It is also very easy to activate SureView. SureView is activated when the F1 key on the keyboard is pressed. Although the color of the image on the screen changes slightly, this does not affect the usage in any way. Although there are not many users of this feature, its presence adds an extra value to the Specter x360.

The HP Specter x360 also delivers a satisfying performance in running applications and playing media content. Although the Specter x360 doesn't have the brightest laptop screen, it does its job just fine. It is also worth noting that the Specter x360 has a 4K resolution display option in some regions.

The most negative point about the screen of the HP Specter x360 may be the thickness of the upper and lower bezels of the screen. On a computer where the design is so prominent, the thinner screen bezels would have been more pleasing to the eye.

The keyboard of the 2019 model HP Specter x360 manages to satisfy users with its layout and experience. Despite the Specter x360's slim and small case, the size of the keys is quite appropriate. The responsiveness needed when the keys are pressed can be felt easily.

The HP Specter x360 does not include an extra numeric keypad, as is the case with many laptop computers. In this way, it was possible to provide more space for other keys. Indeed, typing with the HP Specter x360 is quite enjoyable. Touching the keys of the keyboard sounds very pleasant. Only in our own experience, we can state as a footnote that we pressed the comma key from time to time while trying to press the Enter key.

The control of the keyboard lighting on the HP Specter x360 is left to the users. Users can turn the keyboard backlight on or off by pressing the F5 key.

The trackpad under the keyboard is large enough for comfortable use. However, in daily use, the trackpad does not provide the expected responsiveness. It can be said that the trackpad, which does a good job with multitouch gestures, is a bit too stiff in the standard experience.


HP Specter x360: Display, Price, and Specifications in 2020.

Operating System and Process.

We tested the HP Specter x360 over a period of about two weeks. During our tests, we tried to experience different scenarios with the device. First of all, it is worth noting that the Specter x360 can switch between laptop and tablet modes very quickly. Windows 10 doesn't experience any lag or stutter when switching between different modes.

The Specter x360, which came to our test center, has an eighth-generation Intel Core i5-8265U processor. This processor is accompanied by 8 GB of RAM. This processor, released last year, has four cores and eight threads. The processor's base frequency is 1.60 GHz and the maximum turbo frequency is 3.90 GHz. Intel Core i5-8265U comes with integrated Intel UHD 620 graphics processor. The model that came to our test center has a 256 GB SSD.

This technical hardware is not enough to properly play or run games that demand a lot from the system in terms of graphics. There is no problem with games that do not force the system. With the Specter x360, which does a good job of watching and editing videos, photos can also be edited easily.

The 2019 model HP Specter x360 performs well in daily use. While it's not the most powerful laptop in the world, the Specter x360 handles Windows 10 just fine. The Specter x360 does not show any signs of misfire when surfing the web, watching videos on YouTube or Netflix, creating documents, or doing small-scale photo editing.

It can be said that the HP Specter x360 offers a smooth experience as a "2 in 1" format device. The device scores 1044 points in a single-core and 3265 points in a multi-core in the Geekbench 5 benchmark test. The laptop's OpenCL score is 5615.

When it comes to media playback, the HP Specter x360's performance is very bright. The presence of powerful Bang & Olufsen speakers along with the live screenplays a leading role in this experience. The Specter x360 draws a very suitable profile for those who use their laptop for both business and entertainment purposes.


HP Specter x360: Display, Price, and Specifications in 2020.

 Storage, Price, and available colors.

 HP Spectre X360 price depends on the selected variant. The basic and only variant of the Spectre X360 with 16GB RAM and 512GB variant and 10th generation processor i7-8550U, it will cost you about 1339.00USD on Amazon. It is available in Dark Ash Silver, and Silver colors.


HP Specter x360: Display, Price, and Specifications in 2020.

 Security and Ports.

For security, HP Specter x360 has both a fingerprint scanner and face recognition feature as a biometric authentication solution. The fingerprint scanner is located in the lower right corner of the keyboard and works pretty quickly. Face recognition naturally gets help from the Specter x360's camera. The camera does not have any problem detecting the faces of the users in bright environments. When the light level of the environment decreases a little, it can take time to unlock.

In terms of port options, The HP Specter x360 has just one USB 3.0 Type-A port on the left. If you want to connect more than one external device, you will have to get or buy an adapter.

In addition to USB on the left side, there is a headphone jack, a power button, and a grill for exhausting air from the cooling system.

The disadvantage of the laptop is the lack of HDMI and an SD card slot, because of which potential users who have not yet updated the peripheral park may experience inconvenience.

USB 3.1 and Thunderbolt 3 are really great technologies that will allow you to replace absolutely all other ports in the future, but try to find an external drive or monitor for this connector. Of course, the transition to a single interface is the dream of any techno-esthete, but in practice, the financial factor will reduce everything to buying a few more adapters.

Considering that the HP Specter x360 comes with an Ethernet-only adapter, you will have to take care of finding and purchasing other adapters yourself and at your own expense.

The lack of an SD card slot will upset not only photographers and operators, but also all those who are accustomed to using a memory card as a memory expansion that is undemanding to read and write speed.


HP Specter x360: Display, Price, and Specifications in 2020.

 Sound System.

The well-known company Bang & Olufsen had a hand in the creation of the HP Specter x360 speaker system, which is clearly hinted at by the corresponding inscription on the case

In total, the laptop has four speakers: a couple under the grill on top, a couple more under the bottom cover. Thus, a more spacious sound is achieved, which, however, is still devoid of expressive lows due to the small diameter of the radiators.

 In total, the acoustics of the HP Specter x360 sound much better than any laptop with non-name speakers. Separately, it should be noted the absence of wheezing when listening at close to maximum volume.


HP Specter x360: Display, Price, and Specifications in 2020.

 Battery and charging.

HP is very proud of the battery life of the 2019 model Specter x360. When the battery performance of the device is examined closely, it seems that this bragging is not unfair. The Specter x360 can continue to work for a long time without needing charging.

In the battery test, where we played a 1080p video with 50 percent screen brightness, the Specter x360 continued to run for over 12 hours. It should be noted that the time in question for a laptop with these features is very impressive.

There are other laptops on the market that promise longer battery life. However, most of these devices sacrifice performance for longer battery life. Specter x360 manages to reach this level without compromising performance.

With the Specter x360, HP offers a device that gives you the full Windows 10 experience and doesn't need a charge for a working day. It has to be said that this is a really impressive performance.

In tests such as PCMark 8 Battery Life, where more intensive usage scenarios are implemented, the battery life decreases to approximately 4.5 hours. However, it should be noted that in this test, many activities such as video calling and internet surfing were also added to the list. For the average user with some sensitivity in battery management, it can be said that the HP Specter x360 will not need charging for at least 9 hours.

The 2018 model Specter x360 reached much lower battery lifetimes in tests. Therefore, it should be said that HP has indeed made significant and impressive progress in the battery.


HP Specter x360: Display, Price, and Specifications in 2020.


It can be said that HP has produced a very good "hybrid" device with the 2019 model Specter x360. The renewed design and upgraded hardware ensures that the Specter x360 performs well both visually and technically. This makes the Specter x360 an attractive alternative in the eyes of those looking for a device that can also be used as a tablet.

With the 2019 model Specter x360, HP manages to make a significant leap forward in production quality, design, and performance. This makes the amount written on the price tag of the device appear a bit more "reasonable".

For those looking for a technically strong, slim, and stylish device that can be used all day, the Specter x360 is definitely among the options that should be evaluated if the financial conditions are suitable. What do you think? Do you recommend this laptop? Share your knowledge with us.

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