HP Envy 13: Display, Price, and Specifications in 2020.

HP Envy 13: Display, Price, and Specifications in 2020.

HP Envy 13: Display, Price, and Specifications in 2020.

HP Envy 13: Display, Price, and Specifications in 2020.

HP is among the most important players in the laptop market. The company's portfolio includes a large number of devices that meet the needs of different user groups. The Envy series, which includes products for individual users, is among the most preferred products of the company. Envy 13 stands out as one of the most popular products of this highly preferred series. Envy 13, which draws a very stylish device profile with its completely aluminum case; With its lightness and easy portability, it significantly meets what is expected of a laptop computer. In this article, we will give you a quick review regarding the Envy 13.


HP Envy 13: Display, Price, and Specifications in 2020.

 Design & Display.

Design ranks high among the HP Envy 13's strengths. It should be noted that the laptop has an extremely attractive, slim, and beautiful case. At first glance, the Envy 13 looks almost the same as its predecessors, which appeared on the market in the past years, but thanks to some small design touches, it is possible to see the difference.

It's really fun to touch the Envy 13's smooth, matte cover. Despite the aluminum case, it is possible to feel the flexibility in the middle. The glossy HP logo in the center of the cover also adds a premium look to the notebook. However, it should be mentioned that this logo reveals fingerprints. The strip at the bottom of the back panel looks like a Wi-Fi antenna.

There are other details on the cover and bottom section that set the updated version of the Envy 13 from its predecessors. First of all, it is possible to create a 90-degree angle between the door and the hinges in the new version. In addition, a veneer reminiscent of the trunk of a cut pine tree was chosen on the lower part of the cover. However, this part is not visible because it is left at the bottom when the screen is on.

Weighing 1.20 kilograms, the HP Envy 13 has a 14.9 mm case. thick. The device, which does not cause any problems while carrying it in hand and using it on a laptop, does not cause any pain or strain while in the backpack.

 As far as display is concerned, The HP Envy 13 has a 13.3-inch IPS LED display. The screen in question offers Full HD resolution to its users. Although some Envy 13 models have a touch screen.

The screen of the HP Envy 13 performs well overall and offers a clear view. The fact that the model in our test center has an Nvidia GeForce graphics card also plays an important role in the performance of the screen. The screen, which reflects the colors vividly and naturally in multimedia contents, provides an important ease of use with its low latency.

In scenarios with intense daylight on the screen, the reflection on the screen increases slightly. In such cases, the viewing angles of the screen become considerably smaller. It is difficult to see what is on the screen if the screen is not looked straight ahead. This excessive reflection puts a minor scratch on the screen performance of the HP Envy 13.

The SureView feature on the HP EliteBook 1050 G1 is also available on the HP Envy 13. Working in a similar way to the privacy filters of cash dispenser screens, SureView makes it almost impossible for the person sitting next to the user to see the screen. It should be said that the viewing angles are not very good in general. For this reason, the Envy 13 is not a suitable device for a collective multimedia experience.

It is enough to press the F2 key on the keyboard to activate SureView. When this button is pressed, the viewing angle is limited to 30 degrees. This means that only the person directly opposite the computer can see the screen. Indeed, when SureView is active, the screen is not visible when viewed from the side. SureView can be considered as a definitive solution for those who are concerned about privacy while using computers in the community.

Despite its weak belly on issues such as reflection and viewing angles, the overall screen performance of the Envy 13 can be said to be satisfactory. The 1080p resolution screen, which has a useful feature like SureView has no trouble meeting the expectations of average users.

The HP Envy 13 has a large keyboard that can be considered standard for a computer of this size. Especially for those who are used to using larger computers, switching to the Envy 13's keyboard can be a bit challenging due to the lack of some keys. However, it should be noted that the most used and important keys are not among the deficiencies mentioned.

The size of the letters and symbols on the keys of the HP Envy 13 is an interesting design choice. The letters and symbols on the keys on the Envy 13 stand out as they are even bigger than those on the MacBook Pro. However, the lack of backlighting on the keyboard and large symbols works very well in low-light environments.

It can be said that the key placement on the keyboard of the HP Envy 13 is quite reasonable. Although the keys are large, there is enough space between them. This eliminates the possibility of pressing the wrong key considerably. The keyboard with soft keys does not feel uncomfortable flexibility even when the keys are pressed a little hard. After getting through the familiarization period, it can be said that Envy 13 offers an enjoyable typing experience.

The HP Envy 13's wrist rest is not very large. This causes a relatively wide trackpad to stay short. Since the longitudinal area of ​​the trackpad is not very large, it can be a bit of a problem to use the trackpad, especially when writing a text. The trackpad cannot be operated without pulling the dominant hand down completely.

It would not be wrong to say that the trackpad is a little hard. Using this hard ground, at least in the first place, can cause some trouble. In order to transmit left and right-click commands, it is necessary to apply some strong contacts. Adjusting the sensitivity settings reduces this difficulty a bit.

It is possible to perform different tasks with finger gestures on the trackpad of the HP Envy 13. What these gestures are, is shown in a video in the "Touchpad" section of Windows 10's Settings app.


HP Envy 13: Display, Price, and Specifications in 2020.

 Operating System and Process.

HP Envy 13, which came to our hands to test, has an 8th generation, 1.8 GHz Intel Core i7 processor. This processor; it has no trouble performing enough to perform daily, standard tasks. 256 GB of internal storage is offered to users on the laptop with 8 GB DDR3 RAM.

Although the processor and its accompanying memory and storage duo are sufficient for basic daily tasks; it stays a little light for more demanding jobs. This lightness can be felt a little more when performing tasks such as video editing or multitasking processes that require high performance from the hardware.

Although the 8th generation Intel Core i7 processor is powerful, it doesn't get enough support. The lack of this support is more tangible in benchmark tests. Envy 13; In the Geekbench 4 benchmark test, it scores 4423 points in a single-core and 14335 points in a multi-core. The laptop also leaves the 3DMark benchmark test with 3026 points. These scores show that the Envy 13 is not the best option for use in high-performance jobs. Still, it's worth mentioning once again that the Envy 13 is enough to meet every need of the average user.

It is also not possible to use the definition of "gaming computer" for the HP Envy 13, which is a laptop to meet the basic daily needs of the standard user. However, this does not mean that the Envy 13 cannot be played in any way. Games that do not require intensive resources from the computer can be played on HP Envy 13 without any problems.


HP Envy 13: Display, Price, and Specifications in 2020.

 Storage, Price, and available colors.

 HP Envy price depends on the selected variant. The basic and only variant of the Envy 13 with 8GB RAM and 256GB variant and 8th generation processor i5-8250U, Intel UHD Graphics 620, it will cost you about 883.00USD on Amazon. It is available in Dark Black, and Silver colors.


HP Envy 13: Display, Price, and Specifications in 2020.

 Security and Ports.

For security, It takes some getting used to the replacement of the fingerprint scanner. Although the presence of the scanner provides considerable convenience in unlocking the device, locating the scanner can be a bit difficult during the familiarization period. The largely noiseless operation of the fan is also among the elements written in the HP Envy 13's plus section.

 In terms of port options, The HP Envy 13 is not a very rich device in terms of the number of entries in terms of size. Most of the few ports on the device are located on the left side of the case. Here are 3.5 mm respectively. There is a headphone jack, a USB 3.1 port with a cover similar to the Ethernet port, a USB-C port that also functions as a video output, and an SD card reader. To the right, there is a power convector, a second USB 3.1 port that also supports HP's Sleep and Charge technology, and a fingerprint scanner.


HP Envy 13: Display, Price, and Specifications in 2020.

Sound System.

The collaboration between HP and Bang & Olufsen has been going on for a long time. Envy 13's loudspeaker, developed in this collaboration, performs above average. While the bass sounds a little weak, that doesn't negatively affect the overall experience. Especially when listening to music, the HP Envy 13 sounds very loud, crisp, and clear.

While watching videos on Netflix or another platform, there may be some difficulties in terms of loudness. It can be difficult to understand what is spoken, especially in scenes with dialogue. Nevertheless, the HP Envy 13, which also makes warning and system sounds loud, manages to get good marks with its sound performance.


HP Envy 13: Display, Price, and Specifications in 2020.

Battery and charging.

HP is very ambitious about the battery life of the notebook computers it has launched in recent years. The company maintains this claim on Envy 13. According to HP's catalog values; Envy 13 promises its users up to 14 hours of battery life.

Indeed, we didn't need to charge the HP Envy 13 very much during our tests. In a standard day, when processes such as writing articles, editing photos, watching videos on YouTube or Netflix, listening to music on Spotify, the laptop gives a "low battery" warning only once. For this, it is enough to keep the brightness level of the screen slightly above medium.

The HP Envy 13's battery saver feature also works pretty well. When watching a 2-hour long movie on Netflix with the battery saver feature activated, it consumes approximately 15 to 20 percent of the battery. When the screen brightness is maximized and performance is prioritized, the battery consumption of the same content approaches almost 40 percent. Therefore, it is useful to take advantage of battery saving features for a long-lasting experience.


HP Envy 13: Display, Price, and Specifications in 2020.


The HP Envy 13 is an ideal device for those who expect a laptop to meet their basic communication and entertainment needs. In addition, the performance of the Envy 13 is sufficient for office or educational use. Envy 13; It meets the needs of many people with good performance, good battery life, and useful features.

The Envy 13 might not be a sufficient device for a graphic designer or a die-hard gamer. However, for the average computer user, the performance of the Envy 13 is fine. The Envy 13 does not have a bright or unusual feature. However, the computer is working "well" quite consistently. It can be said that stable and good performance is among the primary criteria of many laptop users.

Stylish design, lightweight case, offering a very high-quality sound output while listening to music; In addition to its stable performance, the HP Envy 13 has other outstanding features. The presence of SureView makes the Envy 13 among the devices worth mentioning for those who care about privacy. What do you think? Do you recommend this laptop? Share your knowledge with us.

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