Samsung Galaxy M31: Quick Review

Samsung Galaxy M31: Quick Review

Samsung Galaxy M31: Quick Review

Samsung Galaxy M31: Quick Review

Samsung offers powerful options to those looking for affordable phones with the Galaxy M series. The Galaxy M30 and M30s models, which the company released last year, were the shining stars of the series, and especially the M30s attracted attention with their powerful features and affordable prices. The Galaxy M31, the follower of these two phones, also came out a while ago. You can find details about this new Android phone, which reflects the traces of Samsung's 2020 model design concept and has changed its camera system and processor.

The price of the smartphone is placed between the Galaxy A41 and Galaxy A51. Sold for less than 450USD, it finds smartphones like the Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro or Realme 6 Pro. In this article, we will give you a quick review regarding Samsung M31.

Samsung Galaxy M31: Quick Review

Design &'Display.

The design of the Samsung Galaxy M31 is perfectly anchored in its time. The design of the Galaxy M31 reminds us that it is indeed a mid-range terminal. It is thus a little less elegant than its Galaxy A41 or A51 cousins.  The phone comes with a glass front. The frame is made of plastic. The back of the phone is made of plastic. In front of the Galaxy M31, there is a U-shaped notch at the top of this screen, which Samsung calls "Infinity-U".

 This notch also houses the smartphone's front-facing camera. Just above this notch, the handset speaker of the Galaxy M31 is hidden. The top and edge bezels of the screen are very thin on the Galaxy M31. The lower screen frame, on the other hand, is noticeably thicker than the others.

 On the left side of the Galaxy M31 is the slot where the dual nano-SIM and microSD card tray are placed. On the right side, the power button and volume control keys greet users. The second microphone is placed on the upper edge, while the headphone jack, USB-C jack, microphone, and speaker grille greet the users, from left to right, respectively. In order to hear a reasonable level of sound from the speaker, it is necessary to increase the loudness to high levels. This causes some deterioration in sound quality. However, it should not be surprising in terms of the group the Galaxy M31 is in.

 On the back panel of the Galaxy M31, the first thing that strikes the eye is the camera system in the upper left corner. The system, which is placed in a rectangular module, has four camera sensors and a LED flash. The arrangement of the four camera sensors can be said to be in an inverted "L" shape. The LED flash is placed to the right of the sensor at the bottom.

Although the Galaxy M31 is a tall phone, it is easily used. There is no problem when using the phone in one hand. Almost every point on the screen can be easily accessed even when using the phone with one hand.

 As far as display is concerned,  Samsung Galaxy M31 comes with a 6.4 Super AMOLED screen. This screen, which Samsung calls the Infinity-U, takes its name from the notch in the shape of the letter U on the top.  It occupies 84.1% of the front of the device. Samsung Galaxy M31 has a 2340 x 1080 resolution with 403 PPi.

We have to say that the Galaxy M31 offers a very good screen experience for its class. Offering wide viewing angles, vivid colors and deep blacks, the Galaxy M31's screen gives the phone a significant advantage over its competitors. The brightness level of the screen also makes it easy to see under daylight. There is a little trouble seeing the screen only when the sunlight is perpendicular to the phone. It is worth noting that the brightness of the screen can be adjusted automatically according to the brightness level of the environment.

 The screen tab in the Galaxy M31's Settings menu also allows users to make various settings related to the screen. While the dark mode is activated through this section, the screen mode selection is also made in this section. For the display, users can choose between Natural and Vivid modes. The white balance can also be adjusted manually by users. The settings of the blue light filter can also be changed on this tab.

 The screen of the Galaxy M31 draws a phone portfolio that is very suitable for multimedia content consumption and gaming experience with its size, resolution, and vividness. The display can be said to be one of the Galaxy M31's strongest selling points.

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Samsung Galaxy M31: Quick Review

  Operating System and Processor

Samsung Galaxy M31 comes with Exynos 9611 processor. This process has previously used in Galaxy M30s, A50s, and A51 models. In short, it seems that this processor is not surprised by Samsung's popular choice for affordable phones.

The Exynos 9611 has no problems performing daily standard tasks. Galaxy M31 works fine if things like changing applications are not done very quickly or navigating the interface with quick movements. The phone also has no problem with multitasking.

  In the Geekbench test, the M31 scored 345 for single-core and 1294 for multicores.

The Galaxy M31 offers pretty good performance in games like Call of Duty and PUBG, at least at the default graphics settings. The phone may experience some stuttering during the launch of these games and during the first minutes of gameplay. However, after a while, these hang-ups are not seen. The Mali-G72 MP3 GPU is more than enough to play popular games in terms of overall performance.

 According to the operating system, Samsung Galaxy M31 runs on Android 10 with Samsung's famous UI, One UI 2.0 user interface. However, this phone has a slightly simplified version of One UI 2.0 that is described as "Basic". The South Korean company also included this version on the Galaxy M20 and M30.

 This version lacks some simple features such as the built-in screen recorder and Secure Folder. Samsung Pay and Samsung Pay Mini are also not supported in this UI. Although Bixby, Samsung's digital assistant, is not available on the Galaxy M31, Bixby Vision, which makes visual searches through the camera app, is available on the phone.

 The long-standing collaboration between Samsung and Microsoft continues on the Galaxy M31. Office, OneDrive, LinkedIn, and Outlook applications greet users in the Microsoft Apps folder on the Galaxy M31's home screen.

 Google's Android apps are available on the Galaxy M31, like almost all Android phones. It is possible to find applications such as Google Chrome, Gmail, Google Maps, Google Duo, YouTube Music in the Google folder on the home screen.

 Many manufacturers offer Google's Android apps as default solutions on their smartphones. However, Samsung continues to stay out of this group in the Galaxy M31 as well. In addition to Chrome, Samsung's own internet browser is also pre-installed on the Galaxy M31. The company, which also prefers its own solutions for applications such as photos and messages, offers Gmail and Outlook options for e-mail.

 However, the list of applications installed on the Galaxy M31 is not limited to these. Popular applications such as Spotify, Netflix, Trendyol, and Facebook are also available to users as soon as the phone is turned on.

 The number of extra tools and applications that Samsung offers on the Galaxy M31 is not very few. In the Samsung folder in the smartphone, there are tools such as Sound Recorder, Radio. Applications such as Samsung Notes, Samsung Members, and Galaxy Store that enable users to take visually rich notes are also available on the phone.

 Galaxy M31's user interface does not have a problem switching between applications. The multitasking screen is very useful, and the main screen is also offered to users with different view options. The Device Maintenance feature, which can be accessed through the Settings menu of the Galaxy M31, acts as a management center for the smartphone and enables many maintenance tasks to be completed quickly.

Samsung Galaxy M31: Quick Review

Storage, Price, and, Available Colors

 Samsung Galaxy M31 price depends on the selected variant. the basic variant of Samsung Galaxy M31 with 6GB RAM and 64GB variant, we have no guess how much it might cost. The variant with 6GB RAM and 128GB variant, it will cost 248.00USD on AliExpress. The same variant will cost 309.00USD, while the 8GB RAM and 128GB variant will cost you around 316.99USD on AliExpress. It has an SD card up to 512GB. While it goes with 2 SIM cards, one is physical and the other is eSIM. It is available in Ocean Blue, Space Black, and Red colors.

Samsung Galaxy M31: Quick Review

 Security and Ports

 For security, Galaxy M31 offers both a fingerprint scanner and a face recognition feature as a biometric security measure. Face recognition works smoothly even in dark environments. Those who wear glasses are required to record their faces with both glasses and glasses. The fingerprint scanner placed on the back panel of the phone just below the camera sensor can be accessed with the index fingers of both hands. The fingerprint scanner also quickly unlocks the phone. The Galaxy M31 also supports the classical unlocking methods such as pattern and passcode.

 As of ports, the M31 supports Bluetooth 5 and NFC. It also supports VoLTE and WiFi Calling. It comes with USB-C. Samsung has decided to say hello again to the 3.5mm headphone jack.
Samsung Galaxy M31: Quick Review

Battery and Charging

Samsung Galaxy M31 comprises a powerful Li-Ion battery with a capacity of 6000mAh.  It has more capacity than the Samsung's's latest flagship the S20 Ultra (5000) and iPhone Pro Max (3969). This phone also offers fast charging. Thanks to this battery, Galaxy M31 can continue to work for a long time without charging. Galaxy M31, which can easily take a day off even with heavy use, can continue to work without charging for two days when the density is low and mostly connected to the wireless network.

Even though this time gets a little shorter when switching to LTE connection, taking a day off with heavy use gives enough idea for Galaxy M31's battery performance.

Galaxy M31 comes with 15W fast charging support. The presence of 15W charging support for such a large battery does not make a significant difference. Samsung is not expected to make any changes in fast charging in the M series, which primarily focuses on affordable prices.

Samsung Galaxy M31 takes approximately 2.5 hours to charge when the battery is completely empty. After 1 hour of charging, the battery is 30 percent charged. This occupancy rate allows the phone to work for a considerable time.

Samsung Galaxy M31: Quick Review


  Samsung Galaxy M31 has a Quad-camera on the rear as clarified: 8Mp ( utrawide with f\2.2),64MP( wide with f\1.8 it has OIS and Laser AF), 5MP( macro with f\2.4), and 5MP( depth with f\2.2). The Realme has a dual front-facing camera 32MP with f\2.0.

The main camera 64MP sensor is nothing new at Samsung. This definition has already been crossed in the A71 and we were not really blown away by the result.  The Samsung Galaxy M31 is a nice daytime photo surprise with an interesting 64-megapixel sensor.  The M31 has the good taste not to over-smooth the shots and to keep some textures erased by the A51. Under these conditions, the Galaxy M31 ranks among the good students.

At night, as is often the case for mobiles less than € 300, the pictures are much worse at night.  it is also difficult to designate a clear winner between the Galaxy M31 and its cousin A51. The two mobiles drown in electronic noise and lose a lot of detail in the process.

In the ultra-wide-angle module, its rendering is fairly average during the day, with shots that lack sharpness. The M31 does not correct the distortion due to the very wide-angle and logically loses quality in the corners.

In low light, the pictures are quite simply unusable. The underexposure is very clear, despite a significant rise in ISO and a rather slow exposure time. Note, however, that this type of rendering is quite common on smartphones in this price range.

  As for selfie photos, the photos lack precision, even when the so-called "beauty" treatments are disabled. There is also a slight tendency to overexpose, especially when the background is very bright.
 Video mode allows UHD video recording, the Galaxy M31 is more comfortable in Full HD. The rendering remains correct during the day, with efficient focus tracking and controlled exposure transitions. In low light, the result is much more disappointing.

Samsung Galaxy M31: Quick Review


It can be said that Samsung continues the line it caught with the Galaxy M30s with the Galaxy M31. Since there is not much difference between the launch times of the two phones, the experience they offer is largely similar. Increasing the resolution of the main camera, adding a macro camera and increasing the RAM capacity offered in the base version are the main points that distinguish the Galaxy M31 from the M30s.

Especially the presence of 6 GB of RAM ensures the Galaxy M31 to perform without any problems in multitasking. Thus, running multiple applications at the same time is not a problem. In addition, the Galaxy M31's Super AMOLED display offers a premium experience in games and videos, both in size and vividness.

The 6000 mAh battery is among the most powerful weapons of the Galaxy M31. The phone, which has no problem removing a day, does not need to be charged for two days in an average intensity usage scenario. It can be said that this is an important preference for a phone today.

The phone, which easily performs daily standard tasks, also performs well in games. The back camera of the smartphone does not let users down in both photos and videos under daylight. The fact that it comes out of the box with Android 10 is written in the plus section of the Galaxy M31.

The Samsung Galaxy M31 offers nothing different to users in terms of design. It is necessary to say that the night performance of the phone's camera is also low compared to the daytime performance. However, these "class" problems do not change the fact that the Galaxy M31 is one of the most appropriate and ambitious options in the price group.

Game Launcher, one of the tools offered by the South Korean company in the One UI interface, also maintains its place in the Galaxy M31. This application, which functions as a management center for games, works as a kind of management center. Game Launcher, which enables you to launch games directly on the device, shows how long a game has been played. In addition, when Discord integration is activated, games played by friends can be seen.

Today, support for dark color mode across the operating system on smartphones has now become a standard feature. In Samsung Galaxy M31s, this mode is called "Dark mode". This mode can be activated via the fast access panel of the phone or can be set to work depending on the program. In addition to creating their own schedules, users can also issue commands to automatically switch to dark mode between sunset and sunrise. What do you think? Is it the M31 enough or should you get the S20 Ultra to be a flagship owner? Tell us your opinion below.

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