Oppo A91: Quick Review

Oppo A91: Quick Review


Oppo A91: Quick Review

Oppo A91: Quick Review

We hear more and more of the Oppo brand, and we owe this to the A series as well as the Reno series. The company has been enriching its A series with different members, especially for the last year. The A91 is an Android phone model that has been announced in the past year. In this article, we will give you a quick review regarding the Oppo A91.


Oppo A91: Quick Review

Design & Display.

Oppo has been making phones that look quite similar to each other in recent months. Notched or perforated screen, rounded corners on the front, and multiple cameras arranged vertically on the back. These are common elements and each applies to the A91. The Oppo A91, which has a body that combines glass and plastic, has a very stylish and attractive appearance compared to the mid-segment phone. The back of the black model we have creates a nice appearance with dark blue tones when exposed to light. The surface of the plastic back panel is shiny and smooth, resistant to scratches. However, it is generous in handling dust and dirt. You may want to use the transparent cover that comes out of the box.

The A91 has a body thickness of 7.9 millimeters and a weight of 171 grams. It is a thin and light phone enough in today's conditions. You do not have any trouble while carrying and using it. The plastic body that wraps around the back and sides meets Corning Gorilla Glass 5 glass at the front. Oppo has placed the screen protective film on this glass from the very beginning. We also used the phone without removing this film. In this way, we did not encounter any negativity regarding the visuality of the screen or its response to touches.

The 20: 9 aspect ratio screen has a body ratio of around 86 percent. Only the lower edge of the screen has a thicker bezel area than the other edges. The corners are curved to match the corners of the body. The curvature of both sides of the backside to the sides contributes positively to the ergonomics of the phone. We do not see features such as water and dust resistance in middle segment phones. The A91 also does not have such a feature.

On the bottom edge, left to right are the 3.5mm headphone jack, microphone, USB-C port, and speaker. There is a second microphone on the upper edge. On the left edge, the top-down nano-SIM and microSD card tray and volume keys are lined up. We see the power button on the right edge. The placement of these keys is adjusted to be comfortable when holding the phone with both right and left hands. You will not have any trouble.

The design on the back is similar to that of Oppo's phones from the Reno 3 series or the Find X2 series. Four cameras are arranged vertically. A horizontally placed Oppo logo is also in line with this camera group. Next to the thin and long camera module that protrudes slightly outward, we see the LED flash. Although it does not have a very different design, it would not be wrong to say that the back of the Oppo A91 looks nice.

 As far as display is concerned, Oppo takes care to include good components in the middle segment phones. This is also the case with the A91 model. The screen, which has a corner-to-corner length of 6.4 inches, incorporates AMOLED technology. The screen resolution is 1080 x 2400 pixels. The screen, which has a pixel density value of 408ppi, produces sufficiently sharp and clear images. This sharp view further enhances the visual enjoyment when watching videos, browsing the web, or viewing photos.

The sharpness and clarity of the screen are in place, but the brightness is not very high. However, there is no problem in seeing what is on the phone screen and using the screen under bright sunlight. The black color depth is good and the vibrancy of the colors is reasonable. The quality offered by this screen will be sufficient for you while watching videos or viewing the photos you have taken.

We mentioned that there is only one speaker on the bottom edge. This speaker does not reach a very high volume of sound. Still, in smartphone averages; There is a sound output level sufficient for watching social media or YouTube videos. The sound quality of the headphones out of the box is sufficient. Since it already has a 3.5mm headphone jack, you have more room to use the headset you want.


Oppo A91: Quick Review

Operating System and Process.

 The phone offers extremely fast and powerful processors.  Oppo A91 offers a good processor for daily use. The Oppo A91 is powered by MediaTek Helio P70 processor, which has appeared in most mid-segment phones that have recently appeared on this phone. In addition to this eight-core processor.

Oppo A91 offers the performance expected from a mid-segment phone. The A91 is sufficient for the jobs that users do the most on a smartphone, such as internet surfing, watching videos, and simple photo editing. It offers a sufficient performance in gaming. Although there is a need to compromise the graphics quality and speed in high-profile games, overall a smooth gaming experience is achieved.

 Regarding the GPU, Oppo A91 has the Mediatek MT6771V Helio P70.

  In Geekbench 5, the CPU scored 320 for single-core and 1475 for multicores.

 According to the operating system, on the Oppo A91, we see Android 9 Pie and above that ColorOS 6 user interface. We think that the fact that it was a phone introduced in late 2019 causes the A91 to lag behind in terms of software version. However, we expect this phone to get the Android 10 and ColorOS 7 update. Of course, when this happens, Android 11 will probably be released and phones will also start receiving this update.

Various Oppo phones with Android 10 and ColorOS 7 before; We examined models such as Oppo Reno 3, Reno 3 Pro, Find X2. If we talk about what we see from those phones, there is no big difference in terms of the overall user experience. The same is true for visuality. However, the ability to customize the application icons offered with ColorOS 7 is not available in the A91. Apart from that, the A91 seems to be at the same level as Android 10 phones in terms of installed applications and tools such as Smart Assistant. In short, using an older version doesn't have much of a negative effect.


Oppo A91: Quick Review

Storage, Price, and available colors.

  Oppo A91 price depends on the selected variant. The basic and variant  of the Oppo A91 with 4GB RAM and 128GB variant, it will cost you about 361.99USD on Aliexpress. The same variant will cost you 399.99USD on Bang good. It supports either 2 SIM cards or 1 SD card up to 128GB. It is available in Lightening Black and Unicorn White colors.


Oppo A91: Quick Review

 Security and Ports.

  On the security side, A91's AMOLED screen hosting is the in-screen fingerprint reader. One of the things we like most about Oppo's phones that we have experienced before is the in-screen fingerprint reader, it works very fluently and quickly, and the accuracy is high. We can list similar words for A91. You can add your fingerprint either during the initial setup or later. The fingerprint reader is both practical and offers high security. However, for those who want more comfort, face recognition is also available. Of course, this will have a lower security level as a single camera is used upfront. The phone also supports classical unlocking methods such as pattern and passcode.

  As for ports, the device supports Bluetooth 5 and NFC. It supports VoLTE and WiFi Calling. It also has support for a 3.5mm headphone jack like the Realme 6 Pro.


Oppo A91: Quick Review

 Battery and charging.

 Oppo A91 provides a powerful Li-Po 4025mAh battery.  And the phone offers fast charging.

 One of the highlights of the A91 is its fast charging feature. Oppo has fast charging technology, which it calls VOOC 3.0. It is stated that with the 20W charger adapter included in the box, 50 percent of the 4025 mAh battery of the phone can be filled in half an hour. Our experience in practice shows that Oppo's claim is more or less correct. As for the battery performance, a performance that can easily take a day off is achieved with a fully charged battery. You can even take most of the second day on a single charge. If you do not use the phone much except for the basic needs, it may not be difficult to get a working time of 3-4 days. In general, it will not let users down with battery performance.


Oppo A91: Quick Review


Oppo A91 has a- Quad-camera on the rear as clarified: 48MP ( wide with f\1.8), 12Mp ( ultrawide with f\1.9), 2MP( for depth), and 2MP( W\B). Oppo A91 has a single front-facing camera, 16MP ( wide ). The cameras come with LED flash, AI support, and HDR. HDR technology will help you when there's sunlight behind you. HDR will edit the photo and balance the brightness. 

There is an easy-to-use camera application that we know from Oppo phones we have reviewed before. There is a large shutter button on one side of the screen. You can quickly switch between the front and rear cameras with the control right next to it. The shooting modes are placed next to the capture button and you can quickly switch between them by dragging them on the screen. You can switch between Portrait, Photo, Video modes, as well as access shooting modes such as Panorama, Time Lapse from the hamburger menu. There is also a special mode for reading labels such as barcodes. On the other side of the screen, we see quick controls like settings, filters, HDR, and flash. The facial enhancement tool is placed right next to the shooting modes. You can take advantage of this on both the front and rear cameras.

When the lighting conditions are ideal, you can take really pleasing photos with the Oppo A91. However, we see that the shots generally vary from condition to condition. It draws our attention that there are various difficulties in focusing the objects in front and behind in some photographs. As a result, it is possible to encounter blurry photos. Apart from that, the A91 also shows good results in close-ups. Dynamic range adjustment is not at the desired level in frames where the light is inverted, but we also captured the frames with very good HDR performance. The A91 keeps the exposure high when shooting in low light. This makes the photos look brighter than normal, but the blur may increase as the exposure time increases. For this reason, it is useful to keep the A91 as still as possible during night shots. Low light noise,

There is a 16-megapixel selfie camera on the front. This camera produces reasonable results in both sufficient light and low light. A bit of a noise effect in low light, but the results there are okay too. Facial enhancement tools also work effectively. We don't like these tools because they disrupt the naturalness, but for those who want to cover their flaws in selfie photos and create a different look, the Oppo A91's facial beautification tools are generally successful.

On the video side, A91 users should be satisfied with 1080p Full HD video recording at most. Although 4K resolution has become a common feature these days, A91 users will be satisfied with the 1080p recording format. There is no optical image stabilization, but the electronic image stabilization system works well enough. This system is generally achieved in eliminating the shaking due to motion in video shooting. The occasional flickering seems to be trying to fix it, but there is nothing disturbing about it. The Oppo A91's microphone system works well when it comes to recording the sound of the environment.


Oppo A91: Quick Review


Oppo A91, newly released, but considering that introduced in late 2019, it is currently considered a few months old according to the leading model in its segment in sales. Nevertheless, it is a model that continues to be up to date with its technical features. We cannot say that about the Android version alone. We hope Oppo will not keep users who prefer A91 waiting too long and offer this update and ColorOS 7 as soon as possible.

In terms of design and material quality, the A91 is at a really good level. The phone is not heavy, it feels solid and fits well in the hand. The OLED screen is perhaps not very bright, but it offers an adequate view both indoors and out. Full HD + resolution and in-screen fingerprint readers are among the prominent features of this screen. MediaTek Helio P70 processor offers sufficient performance for daily tasks, while 8 GB of RAM adds a little more performance. The battery with a capacity of 4050 mAh can easily take a day off, which will be convincing for most users. VOOC 3.0 fast charging technology is also a significant plus.

On the camera side, the results are mixed. In some cases, the A91 gave very good results, in other cases, it did not meet our expectations. Still, we can say that the low light performance is satisfactory. However, if you want to capture good shots, especially in low light, it is a good idea to fix the phone somewhere.

 Oppo A91 came out on the market for a price close to 350USD, but nowadays it is possible to buy this phone for 250-300USD. The initial release price might have been a bit high for its specs, but if you come across a discounted price, you can opt for the Oppo A91. Meanwhile, Oppo's organizations is growing steadily. What do you think? Have you used the smartphone? Do you recommend it? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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