Samsung Tab S7 Plus: Quick Review.

Samsung Tab S7 Plus: Quick Review.

Samsung Tab S7 Plus: Quick Review.

Samsung Tab S7 Plus: Quick Review.

The tablet market cannot be called booming, this category of devices, on the one hand, is massive, on the other hand, tablets are bought for more than one year. This is a deliberate purchase, in which a device for recreation and/or work is meticulously chosen and then used to the bitter end. The main thing in a tablet is a large screen, which allows you to watch movies, read documents or websites, and read mail. The other day, one of our readers said that he has been using the Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition tablet, for six years this is his working tool. Somehow it was completely forgotten over the years that Samsung began to develop the S Pen in tablets back in 2012, that is, almost a decade has passed.

I refreshed the capabilities of that tablet and I must note that the capabilities of these devices, as well as the S Pen, have gone far ahead, although every year after each announcement one can hear a recitative that nothing has changed, everything is boring and the models are not interesting. The feeling that people expect circus performances from presentations does not happen, and hence the disappointment. A lot changes from year to year - screens, batteries, built-in capabilities, including the S Pen. Something is changing dramatically, something is almost imperceptible. But tablets are definitely not the kind of devices that people change constantly and annually, this is a purchase for many years.

To some extent, we can assume that Tab S7 + is an approximation to laptops, the concept of a two-in-one device, this is a tablet, but with a keyboard, it is a replacement for a working computer. We have been talking about the fact that tablets aspire to become computers for more than one year, but how close have they become?

Since the Tab S7 + is a flagship with a corresponding price tag, this tablet cannot be massive, the price is the main blocking factor here. Perhaps many would like such a device, but a small audience can afford it. These are loyal Samsung users, many have used previous generations of tablets and are satisfied with them. Since it is a long-term purchase, the price becomes less daunting. It's arguably the best Android tablet for both work and play, both for the screen and the S Pen. But first things first. In this article, we will give you a quick review regarding the tab S7 Plus.


Samsung Tab S7 Plus: Quick Review.

 Design & Display.

 Thanks for the battle with screen bezels making it to smartphones but not tablets. Since the size of the devices are different, on the tablet, the frames are important to hold it in your hands, it is almost impossible to take the tablet over the edge.

When you think about a large tablet, it seems that it should be heavy, pulling your handoff. The first thing that strikes you about the Tab S7 + is the weight - 575 grams. Not very little? Certainly. But due to the area of ​​the case, its thickness, this weight is correctly distributed, holding the tablet with one hand will not be difficult. It is unlikely that you will do this all the time, but taking it off the table, holding it while you watch a movie in bed - all this can be done with one hand.

 The body is made of anodized aluminum, which has become the standard for products of this level. Very neat execution, there is nothing to complain about here.

The front-facing camera has moved to the center of the wider part, which is more convenient for video calls when the tablet is on a stand.

On the narrow ends, there are two speakers, four in total. On the right side is a USB Type C connector, on the left side is a microphone, another one is on the top end. There is also an on / off button, a paired volume key. This arrangement reminded me of Microsoft Surface, although it is standard for all devices of this class, just an association with one of the recent devices that I played.

There is also a slot for memory cards on the top end (in the LTE or 5G version there is also a nanoSIM card).

The place for the S Pen is highlighted on the back panel in color; the stylus sticks to this area due to the magnet. It's not worth carrying the S Pen in your bag, it will fly off. To do this, it is better to get a case with a special pocket for the S Pen.

While working, you can place the S Pen on the top edge, it will stick securely there too.

The perception of this tablet is in the top five, everything is done accurately, with taste, and the ergonomics are excellent, although this is not expected from such a large device. The fact that the body is thin and the edges straight do not bother.

 As far as display is concerned, Samsung Tab S7 Plus comes with a 12.4 Super AMOLED display.  It is great for watching movies and even playing. It occupies 84.5% of the front of the device. Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus has 2800x1752 resolution with 266 PPi.

 The screen supports a frequency of 120 Hz, unlike the Note20 Ultra, there is no adaptive mode in the menu, if you enable 120 Hz, the setting will work everywhere. Smooth scrolling of the menu, the same smooth movements in toys - all these are undoubted advantages of 120 Hz. There is only one minus, the battery is discharged 10-15% faster. For me, this is not critical, and therefore I set 120 Hz and did not think about it anymore.

The quality of the screen is such that you can work with it even in the bright sun.

You can choose the color scheme, make the colors on the screen saturated or muted, there is an adaptive backlight, a blue filter. Everything is familiar to other Samsung products.

The oleophobic coating of the screen is not bad, but due to the area, it is covered with prints, which are visible in the off state. This is the trouble with all devices with a large diagonal, I have not come across any exceptions.

The picture quality on the screen is amazing, it is convenient both to work and watch movies or photos. The diagonal and picture quality is what distinguishes the model on the market, these are its strengths. And the fact that the SuperAMOLED screen gives a gain in operating time, although for many it is not important given their scenario of using the tablet.

The tablet comes with an S Pen, which is welcome and when you look at it, you realize that Samsung is a great fellow for providing this feature by default since this is the only way to introduce people to the capabilities of the S Pen.

There is a key on the body, it is used for contextual commands, the handle's ergonomics are not bad.

There is a small gyroscope inside the S Pen, as well as Bluetooth, which allows you to draw various commands in the air. You can remotely control the camera, start filming, control the presentation, and so on. The commands can be customized.

For many, the gestures available in the tablet are superfluous, but for corporate users, this is a good option, since the same presentations become much more convenient, you do not need to hold the device to control the slideshow.

The built-in battery charges in a couple of minutes, just stick the S Pen on the back, the area is marked with a color. As before, the pen supports 4096 degrees of pressure, which will be appreciated by those who draw. The reaction speed has changed, now it is 9 ms (46 ms in previous products). When you write on a tablet, it feels like it is paper. I didn’t feel this problem before, now it’s a little better, but it’s subjective and on the verge of sensations.

As soon as you take the S Pen in your hand when the screen is locked, you can create a quick note, on a black background you can write or draw something, and then save this information in Samsung Notes.

In the settings, you can specify that the device will tell you when you move away from the S Pen, which is good if you have forgotten the pen somewhere and leave. Most importantly, you can unlock your tablet by pressing a button on the S Pen if you want. If you are not afraid for safety, then set up your tablet so it is very convenient.

Let's start with the Quick Note mode, where you can draw or write something. But the main thing is that the window can be made transparent, it is placed on top of other windows. Samsung did not call this operating mode in any way, but I called it tracing paper. Remember the transparent sheets of paper onto which we transferred drawings as children? Something similar can be done here. Or you can make notes, and in the background, you will have a photo or video, and the latter will be played. That is, not only will you work, but you can immediately take notes.

The tablet can recognize handwritten text in many languages. Even my chicken handwriting is recognized by the tablet quite successfully. You can keep your notes as they are for convenience. Or you can recognize text, then a search by notes appears. For lawyers, students, and everyone who has not yet lost the habit of writing and loves it (and there are many of them in the world), such a tablet is just a godsend.

Recognized text can be saved in different formats, including PDF or MS Word, and immediately sent anywhere. And you should not underestimate this opportunity, it is unique and someone will have to come to court.

Select and Save mode allows you to select any piece on the screen (rectangle, lasso, freeform - and it's very easy with a pen!), Then you can save it as a graphic file or GIF animation. But what I like and help in my work is the ability to recognize text in a photo or screenshot, select the desired piece, and you have a text in any language in front of you. Cool? Not that word. While you are working with such clippings, you can place them on the screen, they will be in front of your eyes. For those who create collages, this is a unique tool.

A screenshot is a normal screenshot, you can immediately write or draw something on it. No differences from regular screenshots.

Live messages is an old, but no less interesting opportunity to create an animated video in which you draw or write something, and then send an mr4 file to a person. The animation is pretty, especially if you can draw.

AR-sketching is an opportunity to attach some drawings to a person's face (any camera, even a front camera, even a main one). Interesting? For young people, yes, everyone else will just miss this opportunity.

Translation - hover the S Pen over a word, and with the help of Google's translation service, a translation appears immediately, the number of languages ​​is huge, you can listen to how the word sounds.

Now about the section that many people love, this is PENUP. A kind of social service for those who love to draw and do it on their Note devices. When you look at what pictures people create, you are amazed at their skills, envy with white envy. Every two weeks there are contests in which you need to draw a certain plot.

Finally, there are coloring pages. A popular topic to calm the nerves, and here it is very well organized. You can not only color these pictures but see how others have done it. And sometimes it allows you to look differently at the creative process itself, there are extraordinary works.

These are not all the pre-installed features for the S Pen, but we will consider them as the main ones. Of the additional, but no less important things, I note the support for the S Pen in most professional Adobe programs, as well as AutoDesk. In a word, you can use this pen anywhere and in any way, your possibilities are not limited by anything, today it is the best solution that exists, the only question is how and for what you will use it.

One of the key changes that have come with the S Pen is the change in the note capabilities in Samsung Notes. The format of notes has become new, it became possible to save audio inside, moreover, tied to what you write on the screen. And not only that, I will try to tell you about all the possibilities in order.

You now have folders in which you can sort notes (there are separate tags that you can put down, they work both with notes and with pictures, videos). That is, folders are no longer categories as such, but really folders in which you can store notes.

The next scenario, which people in a number of professions, including journalists, will find interesting. You create a note and start recording sound, while simultaneously making notes by hand (even text, even drawings). In a saved note, you can quickly jump to a segment of the audio recording, just click on the word that you wrote down or a picture.

For many, it is no longer possible to imagine a tablet without a keyboard cover; this device is becoming a replacement for a computer with some success. The larger the screen diagonal and, accordingly, the body, the larger the keyboard can be made, which means that the keys and the convenience of working with them will increase. In Tab S7 +, the keyboard is simply gorgeous - the keys are well spaced, there is space between them. Blind typing is no problem, you just type. You need to get used to the fact that switching languages ​​is placed on the key to the right of the space bar, periodically, when typing blindly, I touch this button.

But the quality of the keyboard is as close as possible to conventional laptops, and not bad. It's almost the keyboard of a 13-inch MacBook Pro, which says a lot. There is no key illumination, but it doesn't matter either.

Unfortunately, the fact that the keyboard is built into the case makes itself felt, it will be difficult to work with it on the knees, there is not enough rigidity, the whole structure starts to walk, and it is impossible to type quickly.

To test the convenience of the keyboard, I typed several texts on the Tab S7 +, about 30 thousand characters. When typing quickly, your hands start to get tired after about 15 thousand characters, you need to take a break. This is a very good result for a mobile device, and a tablet is.

A number of function keys bring the keyboard closer to Windows laptops, everything is logical and simple here.

The big touchpad is nice because it supports gestures. The bad thing is that when typing, I turn it off, as sometimes I touch the right edge. You can disable it with one click from the keyboard, there are no problems, it happens quickly. But what annoys me is the inability to open applications by clicking on the right side of the panel. She clicks, but nothing happens. On the left, everything works with a bang, there are no problems.

It remains to say that the cover is magnetized to the case, you can remove it at any time. It's comfortable. It also allows you to detach the keyboard and leave only the back, where there is a pocket for the S Pen.

You can adjust the angle of inclination by yourself, everything is very convenient.

Please note that there is a DeX key on the keyboard, this switches to the corresponding mode. You can connect your tablet to a Samsung TV via Wi-Fi, then you can work in this mode, similar to Windows, on the big screen. But with and without a keyboard, the model is available on the tablet. This is the transformation of your desktop into a familiar desktop environment. For many, DeX has already become a replacement for a computer, and such a replacement has the right to life, the interface is familiar and convenient, applications are launched in separate windows.

To say that this tablet can be a full-fledged replacement for a laptop is impossible, the keyboard does not allow working anywhere due to its design. But this is the biggest approximation, for the first time the tablet is so convenient in this aspect (here the keyboard is better than in the iPad Pro, it at least does not cause the tablet to heat up). For work, this is a good option if you understand the limitations and bottlenecks. But I do not share the enthusiasm that tablets have already learned to be like computers, this is still at least a premature statement.

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Samsung Tab S7 Plus: Quick Review.

 Operating System and Process.

 Samsung Galaxy S7 Plus powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Plus. It comes with 8 cores and 7nm Plus build.

 Regarding the GPU, The GPU is the Adreno 650.

In Geekbench 5 the CPU scored 4569 points for single-core and 12649 points for multicores.

According to the operating system, the S7+ runs also on Android 10 with One UI 2.5 from Samsung. The interface of the tablet does not change one iota compared to what can be found on the firm's smartphones. We would still have liked this version of one UI to have been developed especially for the tablet, like what Apple can offer with iPadOS.

The experience remains easy, intuitive and the shortcuts available thanks to the new S-Pen sometimes make the use a little easier. Especially when it comes to taking a photo, the stylus then acting as a "magic wand". A use that we already found on the Galaxy Tab S6.

The large slab of the tablet takes on its full meaning (except in video) when using DeX mode. The tablet then becomes an ersatz PC, while running the applications already present. A use which is reminiscent of Chrome OS. The partnership forged with Microsoft no longer only concerns xCloud, but also the productivity applications of the American giant. Thus,  work started in Excel on the Tab S7 + can easily be continued on your PC.


Samsung Tab S7 Plus: Quick Review.

 Storage, Price, and available colors.

 Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus depends on the selected variant. The basic variant of Samsung Tab S7 Plus with 6GB RAM and 128GB variant. The variant with 8GB of RAM and 256GB variant.  While the 8GB RAM and 512GB variant. Unlucky for us we have no guesses how much it may cost. It supports 2 SIM cards and an SD card up to 512GB. It is available in Black, Silver, and Bronze colors.

 Samsung will also have a host of accessories to go with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus. The Fintie Keyboard will cost an additional 200.00USD, while the S-Pen will cost 120.00USD


Samsung Tab S7 Plus: Quick Review.

 Security and Ports.

 For security, Samsung Tab S7 Plus an in-display sensor like we had on the tab s6.  While scanning we notice it makes it more difficult because it's like a thin power button so you kind of have to put your finger everywhere to get a full scan. Interestingly, you can simply tap and just swipe to open. What I really like is that you can even turn it upside down and it works upside down too or sideways.  It also supports the classical unlocking methods such as pattern and passcode.

As of ports, the tablet has no problems with Wi-Fi, regardless of how you hold the tablet - in a case or in your hands. Here Wi-Fi 6, 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac / ax. OTG mode is supported for USB, you can also charge other devices from the tablet (PD 3.0). The device also has Bluetooth version 5.0, but there is no NFC, but it is not needed in such a tablet, you will definitely not carry it with you to pay for something in the store.


Samsung Tab S7 Plus: Quick Review.

Battery and charging.

  Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus holds a great battery capacity of 10090mAh for better performance. And the tablet offers fast charging.

15W fast charging is included. With this charger, you can charge your tablet to 100% in two and a half hours. If you buy 45W fast charging, the total charging time will be reduced to 1.5 hours. You can charge the battery by 54% with such a charge in half an hour. This is a good indicator.

Video playback time on the tablet for up to 14 hours.

On average, my tablet lasts about two days, 6.5-7 hours of the screen (brightness is about 50%, this is enough for the eyes, adaptive backlighting, and a keyboard cover, it also consumes energy). From this time, video viewing does not take the main share, although the same MX Player spends a lot of energy (the built-in player is more economical).

Since I have a fast charge, I have no problems, even after leaving for the whole day with the tablet in the city, it will not be discharged at the most inopportune moment. So here we can say that everything is fine.


Samsung Tab S7 Plus: Quick Review.


 Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus has a dual rear camera: 13MP with f\2.0 (wide). it supports the HDR and autofocus for sharper shots and 5MP with f\2.2 ( ultra-wide). You can use the camera to record a 4K video with 30fps. The Tab has an 8MP front-facing camera which also can be used to record a video with 1080@30fps.

 By day, the tablet cliché suffers from overexposure. Software processing smooths the scene and overwrites certain details.

At night, the shot is surprisingly well exposed, allowing us to properly discern the different components of our scene. However, the latter has a red tone. We note that the sharpness is quite low and that digital noise is appearing.

The defects of the daytime ultra-wide-angle module are the same as for the main module. The image is overexposed, strongly smoothed, and greatly lacks sharpness. We also note a barrel deformation, visible in the lower right corner of the image.

At night, capturing a photo with the ultra-wide-angle module is not an option. The image is not properly exposed and digital noise is very present. Digital artifacts (visible at the level of the tarot card) also tarnish the scene, as do white edges visible around the end of the planisphere of our scene.

At the front, the tablet offers an 8-megapixel module placed on the right edge of the screen; not easy to take selfies in portrait mode, therefore. It will be necessary to switch to landscape orientation to have a better framing. The quality is pretty decent for a tablet. As usual with Samsung, the smoothing is quite pronounced.

A portrait mode is present. Its clipping is quite good but stumbles on certain elements, such as hair or hair. The software also fails to properly cut out a part of the body that would be placed more forward than another (a hand that is a little too far forward, for example).

For video, the tablet is capable of shooting up to 4K at 30 fps. But with its weight approaching 600g, it may be difficult to film at arm's length.


Samsung Tab S7 Plus: Quick Review.


Such a tablet cannot yet serve as a replacement for a full-fledged computer, but it is already quite close to it. DeX is a bit better and is evolving. With the software update, the Sidekick function will appear, when you can use the tablet as an additional screen for a Windows computer or display a picture from the main screen on it. Collaboration with Microsoft is paying off.

I don't need a tablet, but looking at the Tab S7 + and working with it, I kept repeating this: "I don't need a tablet." The device turned out to be very interesting both for work and for entertainment. And its capabilities will last for many years, which is important for those who will buy it. Cool model without any drawbacks that can cross out perception. A true flagship among tablets. What do you think? Do you recommend this tablet? Share your thoughts with us.

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